Iran to launch three satellites

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What, me worry? Iran has announced it will attempt to launch three satellites into orbit within the next year.

These rockets are closely linked to Iran’s ballistic missile program, so their increased skill at putting satellites into orbit also means they have refined their ability to launch missiles to any point on the globe. The response of the Obama administration?

Asked about the reports on Tuesday, a State Department spokesman told the Free Beacon that it will not take a position on the launch before it has occurred. “We’re not going to speculate on the specifics of something that hasn’t happened yet,” the spokesman said. “Our longstanding concerns regarding Iran’s ballistic missile development efforts remain, and are shared by the international community.”

“If there are specific launches or other actions that are inconsistent with any relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions, we will address them through the appropriate channels,” the spokesman continued. “And we will continue to work with our partners, and take any necessary unilateral actions, to counter ongoing threats from Iran’s ballistic missile program.”

That’s telling ’em!



  • John Sachau

    Robert, I have a question about the expanding knowledge of our universe.
    Has this enormous knowledge served to make the scientists who see with their eyes through the Hubel and other means to acknowledge the existence of God the Creator ? Do you have any sites to direct me to ? Thank you John
    PS love listening to you on the John Bachelor show.

  • John Sachau: You must remember the difference between science and religion. Science tries to figure out the “how” and “what” of the universe. Religion and philosophy try to figure out the “why.” These are fundamentally different questions that really do not conflict with each other at all. Thus, you can find scientists of all religious stripes, from the downright atheist to the deeply religious. Having more knowledge of the universe doesn’t really change this. Those who believe will do so regardless, since the knowledge really doesn’t change that belief. Those who don’t believe will continue to do so, because the knowledge really doesn’t change that lack of belief. In both cases, the belief is independent of the concrete existence around us.

    And most important of all: Humans will always be imperfect creatures. Greater knowledge does not necessarily make us greater, though it does make our lives better.

    I hope that helps to answer your question.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z– nicely stated in your 2nd & 3rd sentence..
    (it’s subtle but very powerful)

    Richard Feynman on the difficulty of “why” questions & science.
    (7:32 total)

  • Cotour

    If the universe is only about size and distance, then we are nothing. Less than nothing.

    I however suspect that there is something rather than nothing, dropped into and trapped in time to experience the tactile universe?

    My experience, observation and conclusion is that the more that you think about such things and the more sure you become that there is only what we can perceive you eventually come to the conclusion that there must be something more. And to be sure, I really do not know what that something is.

    I think that’s whats called a paradox.

  • wayne


    Listen to that Feynman clip, (key part starts around 0:50)
    — Mr. Z, already summarized it– “why” is not a question for Science, “how” and “what” are the proper realm of science. Everything else is Philosophy and/or Religion.

    -The Universe isn’t only about “size and distance.” In fact, we should redefine the phrase “empty-space” in common usage, because even empty space–the vacuum of space—
    isn’t really “empty.”

    Humans are conscious, biological beings, in my book, that is something.
    (It’s everything.)

  • Cotour


    We are on the same page.

  • marge strach

    Iran having billions of new money to spend via Obama administration is really scary stuff!!! They call the US the great Satan, call for our destruction and the response is really lame. I hope Israel blows their three satellites to hell because Obama too busy GOLFING…..

  • wayne

    I’ll say it out loud;

    “We need to kill huge numbers of them & break ALL their stuff. Irradiate the oil & make the sand melt.”
    They want to live in the 9th century, let’s help them.

    “Nuke the entire site fom orbit”

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