Iridium profits up

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Rising from the dead. The satellite phone company Iridium, once bankrupt, reports strong growth in sales and subscribers.



  • Kelly Starks

    Still have trouble seeing how they can keep and upgrade a multi-billion $ fleet of sats, on subscriber revenuews of under $100M a year.

    Must be getting a big grant from the mil.

    Frankly, if I was a deepwater boater or middle of nowhere hiker – these would be a must have!

  • John H

    I strongly considered renting a sat phone for a caving expedition to Mexico last year but found it to be cost prohibitive. Much to my surprise we had cell reception at our camp which was about a 6 hour 4WD drive from the nearest town! With ever expanding cell coverage I would imagine the consumer demand for sat phones would be in decline. As Kelly said it must be a military order.

  • Kelly Starks

    > With ever expanding cell coverage I would imagine the consumer demand for sat phones would be in decline.<

    Iridium (and other sat networks) origionally hoped to get to the market before the continents were wired with fiber adn cell towers, but weer sandbagged by regulations. I often wonder how the world would be with a global phone and internet networks? Course I suppose you'ld still need back up cells in downtowns.

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