IRS computer hack bigger than previously thought

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Government in action! A hack of IRS taxpayer information was significantly bigger than previously estimated, the IRS revealed today.

An additional 220,000 potential victims had information stolen from an IRS website as part of a sophisticated scheme to use stolen identities to claim fraudulent tax refunds, the IRS said Monday. The revelation more than doubles the total number of potential victims, to 334,000.

Well, no matter, this hack is mere chicken feed compared to the 21 million records stolen from the federal Office of Personal Management. And it hardly compares with the recent Pentagon breach, where the Chinese got almost all federal records. No, the IRS is doing a much better job then those other agencies, only being slightly incompetent and screwing up only a little.

And besides, the IRS does such a good job for Obama by harassing anyone that opposes the Democratic Party agenda! How could anyone complain about them?


One comment

  • Max

    They should’ve used the Diebold computer system! The system the “voting computers”
    It’s the only computer system left in the world that has not been hacked… Or has it ? It is kind of old and not doing well.

    Something to note about the IRS hack, the information gathered there is more than just personal. The IRS keeps on file everything about you including fingerprints, signatures, family history including mothers maiden name, and how much money you have, even the accounts and how to access them.
    White collar thieves are not interested in the small stuff though. It’s the accounts of corporations, billionaires, firms and businesses, Politicians, their family, and list of their donors were likely targets as well.
    If you’re going to hack the IRS, you must be capable of thinking big.
    For instance, why take information when you can alter it to make someone look like they haven’t paid their taxes? Or perhaps pay too much and is entitled to a few million refund?
    We will never know what really happened. Why tell us the truth when a lie will work better? The motto of this administration is never let a crisis go to waste.
    I’m hearing rumors that the other break-in of all the federal employees personal files is being used for a money laundering scheme to make donations to the political parties. As long as the donation is not too much, rules of privacy protects the donors.

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