IRS denies tea party groups tax-exempt status

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Still working for the Democratic Party: After almost seven years of delays and harassment, the IRS today denied several tea party groups their requested tax-exempt status.

The tax agency, under orders from a federal judge, is belatedly tackling the remaining tea party cases that it delayed for years, and so far the tea party isn’t doing well. Only one of the three groups in the case was approved, and the other two, including Albuquerque, got notices of proposed denials last week. The applicants will have a chance to appeal, but the denials aren’t sitting well with the groups, whose attorney said it’s more evidence that the IRS continues to single out the tea party for abuse. “It is clear that we still have an IRS that is corrupt and incapable of self-correction,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, which represented a number of tea party groups in a case against the tax agency.

The one group that was approved was Unite in Action, a Michigan-based organization that first applied for tax-exempt status more than six years ago. The Albuquerque Tea Party and Tri Cities Tea Party from Washington state were notified of proposed denials.

It seems pretty clear that these denials are finally being issued now because the IRS realizes that in only two months a Republican president will take power and they fear what that president might do. I say good. Every single one of the officials who run the IRS should be fired, as quickly as possible. If Trump is the outsider he claims, he will sweep this very corrupt and partisan agency of all its management.

In fact, this one issue will tell us more about Trump’s real goals than practically anything. If he doesn’t fire the entire management at the IRS, we will know that nothing is really going to change in Washington.



  • Wodun

    It certainly looks like the IRS intended to deny the entire time but used the process to get as much information as they could to give to the Democrats and to use the process as punishment. They will let a few get through as a fig leaf.

  • Steve Earle

    How about hoping he does away the IRS completely? I know he can’t single handedly do away with the tax code, but he could take measures to severely restrict their staffing and budget while pressuring the congress to finish the job.

    Instead, we are already talking about an incoming administration just substituting our new improved bureaucrats for their old worn out ones….

    Oh, and while we are on the subject of the IRS, I will repeat my mantra:

    It’s not enough to fire people in this case,



    If none of that happens, if they are just allowed to collect their Lois Lerner-esque pensions at their vacation homes, then we can’t be surprised when the IRS (and the DOJ, and the FBI, etc etc etc) are once again used as political weapons.

    If not by Trump, then surely by the next Democrat in power. Let’s kill this snake while we can.

  • Wayne

    Good stuff.
    – Lots-o-people, need to go to PRISON for what they have done the past 7+ years.

  • Orion314

    Tossing corrupt govt trough eaters into jail will be far more impressive than a GOP POTUS elect. Ain’t holding my breath, the USG workers clearly have no concept whatsoever of the rule of law , nor do they believe for one moment the law applies to them…corruption on such a massive scale can only be controlled with all the horrors that prison rape has to offer , when these pigs start fearing death by anal collapse, then maybe, they will stop stealing and robbing us blind…

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