IRS Inspector General finds another 6,400 lost Lois Lerner emails

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Working for the Democratic Party: Emails by Lois Lerner that IRS head John Koskinen has sworn were lost forever and could never be recovered have miraculously been rediscovered by the IRS’s inspector general and will be turned over to Senate investigators.

Or as one of the leaders of one of the conservative groups that the IRS (and Lerner) had deliberately targeted for harassment noted, “I wouldn’t believe John Koskinen or Lois Lerner if they told me the sky was blue.”


One comment

  • PeterF

    They only have to stonewall for another twenty months or so until the “current occupant” can begin to issue his blanket pardons.
    How much you want to bet that he’ll screw those up as well and not only leave these miscreants unprotected but subject to previously unknown charges? We can only hope.
    But of course by that time the so-called journalists will urge us to move on because as we all know; “At this point, What difference does it make?”
    Move along… nothing to see here…

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