IRS official Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth amendment to Congress today, defiantly refusing to answer any questions.

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Stonewalling: IRS official Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth amendment to Congress today, defiantly refusing to answer any questions.



  • JGL

    It was laid out by Mr. Issa that there may have to be arrangements made to provide immunity for Ms. Lerner. This is a process that has to be followed from the bottom up. As I watch the hearings it is unusual to watch both Republicans and Democrats relatively equally outraged at the actions taken by the IRS.

  • Pzatchok

    She can have immunity from jail time if she points fingers to those who gave her the orders or OK to do these things.

    She should lose her job and federal employee status no matter what. No big government retirement for her. Tell her she will spend the rest of her life on Obama care like the rest of the citizens instead of some fancy government employee medical plan.

    If someone lower than her points the finger at her she goes to jail, unless she talks.

  • JGL

    Be patient, this is going to take time.

  • wodun

    She should lose her pension and other government benefits as well.

  • JGL

    It will probably depend on whether she is a union member or any number of other rules and technicalities. Mr. Hasan is collecting his pay to the tune of some $200,000.00 plus dollars ever since he committed his “work place violence” and killed 12 people while shouting Alah Akbar. This is how insane our ideology driven politics and beaurocracy has become.

    In her statement she indicated that she would not testify today which I read as she will testify in the future with the proper considerations in place. She will not be able to have her cake and eat it too.

  • Pzatchok

    You threaten pensions and benefits and people REALLY start to take notice.
    Then you start reminding them of the those uncooperative air traffic controllers.
    They will stand up and take notice.
    Take a heavy handed stand now and for the next 20 years you will not have to worry about the same thing happening.

  • JGL

    Oh, I agree with you, but if you notice, that’s not the way that it has been set up. The horses are out of all of these barns (as far as the low level workers and their benefits)

  • You can’t blame a leopard for having spots.

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