IRS refuses to stop harassing conservatives

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Still working for the Democratic Party: In court papers filed today the IRS point blank refused to stop its targeting of conservative organizations solely because of their political positions.

This despite assurances from the IRS head John Koskinen last month that they have ceased such targeting.



  • Phill O

    No surprise there! Win at all costs. Too much money to be made by the Clintons. The professional thief will do anything to protect their livelihood.

    Think I will get a place out in the desert with the more affectionate Mojaves. I hope you all find a way to keep the Dems. out. My how they rant when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Here is a clip from the internet. If the information is not correct, please correct me.

  • Steve Earle

    Will someone please GO TO JAIL for this!?!?!

  • Cotour

    Phil O

    This is much bigger than just boiling this activity down to just the pedestrian money chase that the Clinton’s have demonstrated through evidence that they are sooo good and practiced at. This is about balls to the wall abuse of power, right in the face of any thought of actual justice or fair play (at least by this administration).

    They do it because they are “right” and it is the cause, and anything that stands in their way must be destroyed, no matter the law or any thought of fair play, and they are all on board with it so no one see’s anything wrong with it. This is war, there is not law and there is no fair play.

    There is no law, there are no security requirements, there is no responsibility for any of this because they see themselves as being before the law. “We” exist and operate in the world immersed in the law, they exist in the nether region that is before the law, or reason, or justice, as long as their agenda is protected and progresses.

    On one level you can admire how they operate as one and are cohesive, and on another level they must be routed from all positions of power because their cohesiveness and blind ambition threatens every one.

    They draw no distinction between their fiduciary responsibility and being elected and appointed to administer governance and their ambition. This real world, real time activity is exactly why the Constitution was written and what it intended to attempt to counter balance. This is it right in front of everyone’s faces without even attempting to hide it.

    This next presidential election is the American test, will we pass it?

  • Phill O


    “This next presidential election is the American test, will we pass it?”

    Absolutely! This is the question. If the USA crumbles, what hope is there in the world!

    Canada is lost already. Patriotism is dead, even by folk like me. Right and wrong are a thing of the past, putting down people into terms of black and white. There may be some gray areas, but there are black and white issues. It has been said that Washington could not tell a lie, Nixon could not tell the truth. The Clintons (IMO) do not know the difference.

  • Orion314

    Everyone waiting for a bloodless coup…. so many of those throughout history….

  • Cotour


    I do not know whether you are being sarcastic or not (?).

    Every election that we have is essentially a bloodless coup. Just like war is just an extension of diplomacy, and so our elections are a demonstration of the transfer of power as dictated by the people without violence.

    But the people IMO have been more and more captive and are the slaves to those who they empower, this leads to different conclusions by the people over time about who gets the power and how it is transferred.

  • Frank

    The IRS has become too big, too powerful, and is already corrupted by the left leaning big government culture out to protect itself. The IRS problem will not go away with a new president. We need a smaller federal government, an even smaller IRS facilitated by a simpler tax code.

  • Orion314

    THE REAL QUESTION IS: How do the peasants remove the evil and powerful and criminal out of power?
    Vote? , harsh language?, courts? , prayer? , or perhaps a bloodbath the likes of which has never yet been witnessed in the 21st century. Like Napoleon, we must cheerfully employ cannon fire not against unarmed protesters, but rathery , against the elite and their innocent familys who benefit from the rewards of the bad guys. Lock up the kiddies as well as the pets…

  • Phill O

    I just watched the Trump (and a bit of the Hillary) speeches today. Trump has the right words! He seems to be getting the leaders I would choose, on his team. I hope you do not have a Brian Mulroney in disguise. We had a conservative (Stephen Harper) who truly ruled from a centrist position and was trounced by the left. Cotour is right on the left’s desire to rule us all and their way. Best of luck (Nov 8) and maybe prayer is the only answer! You know you are in deep doo doo when that is the solution.

  • Cotour

    Unrelated, but related:

    Behold the power of Capitalism and the Constitution.

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