IRS tech claims Lerner’s hard drive wasn’t damaged.

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Cover-up: An IRS computer technician has contradicted the sworn testimony of IRS officials, stating that Lois Lerner’s hard drive was not damaged prior to its destruction.

Aaron Signor, an IRS technician that looked at Lerner’s hard drive in June 2011, said in IRS court filings that he saw no damage to the drive before sending it off to another IRS technician, leading some in the media to suggest that the lost emails scandal is basically over. But Signor’s statement, issued in response to the Judicial Watch lawsuit, does not jibe with sworn congressional testimony.

This testimony is one of the reasons Judge Emmet Sullivan has ordered an independent inquiry into the IRS’s lost emails.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    Well, well – if there was no damage to the hard drive, then it was destroyed for one reason & one reason ONLY. I’ll leave it to all of you to figure out what that reason was… ! !

  • DK Williams

    Verrrrry interesting.

  • Pzatchok

    Now why would the first tech even remove the drive if he could find no damage to it?

    We he ordered to do it? And by whom?

    Being an IT tech he would know the rules about lost data and know not to let any data get lost without making sure a backup copy was available.

    And why did he have to send it off to someone else? Must be a rule about all hard drives must be accounted for and destroyed by an authorized person. So the first tech obviously knew that getting rid of a perfectly good hard drive with out a back up of it was breaking the rules.

    I for one would fire him for breaking office rules and breaking the law.

    The first guy to get fired over something like this will send a message to ALL others to not do the same thing.
    As soon as people know their boss will not be able to protect them like they say they will this junk will stop.

  • Cotour

    Aaron Signor will have to be dealt with, he is from now on a threat to the bureaucracy, the movement and the agenda. He will have to be neutralized and made an example of.

    You can ask Rick Perry about retribution and paying consequences for actions taken in the world of the political animal.

  • Abe Windsor

    Ask Rick Perry, Va Gov. Mcdonall now on trial even though he broke
    No Virginia State Laws. And the NJ current Governor, $6.5 million in
    legal bills and the uptight Alinsky type US AG has yet to charge
    Him……. Add what about two Republican Congressmen under the
    UN-Justice Dept investagation!
    Shall the USG now file charges against Sarah Palin for raising money
    to defend herself from over thirty baseless ethics charges?

    Stay tuned folks!

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