Is Justice investigation really getting serious about anti-Trump coup attempt in FBI/CIA?

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Two stories that have been trending like crazy through the conservative news media in the past 24 hours suggest that the investigation by the Justice Department into the anti-Trump spying and coup attempt by the FBI and the CIA might finally be heating up.

I remain somewhat skeptical. The first story is based on two anonymous sources, which makes me very suspicious. I purposely waited before reporting on it because I have found such stories too often turn out to be either fake or unreliable.

I also don’t take the second story very seriously because Horowitz has been promising his FISA report now for months. His promises, and non-delivery, have increasingly reminded me of Richard Branson’s endless promises that “SpaceShipTwo will be flying in space in mere months!”

At the same time, it is important to note both stories. Horowitz’s FISA probe will be released. And Durham’s investigation, under Attorney General William Barr’s direction, has appeared to be so far aggressive and pointed. If both deliver what these stories suggest, then we might finally get some real prosecutions of some real villains, people in the FBI and CIA who conspired for the past three years to try to overturn a legal U.S. election.



  • Edward

    From the first article: “[House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif.] said. ‘If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution, or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer new and irreparable damage.’

    But this is exactly what these investigations are showing happened with the Obama presidency. Because it is now a criminal investigation, the DoJ, FISA, and other agencies and tools were clearly abused for political reasons, during Obama’s reign. It was all part of the fundamental transformation of America from a nation of laws — where no one is above the law — to a nation of people — where some people are not prosecuted for crimes or abuses of power, such as Eric Holder’s people and Lois Lerner; cronies of government officials, such as Hillary Clinton and James Comey; or favored Democrats, such as potential presidential candidates.

    Once again, Democrats are willing to let “their people” slide on terrible crimes that cause irreparable damage to the rule of law and the American way, rationalizing the lack of prosecution that punishing crimes is a personal revenge.

    Interestingly, when Joe Biden was announcing that he was in favor of impeaching president Trump, Biden expressly stated that Trump had picked on the wrong guy, meaning that impeachment was Biden’s form of revenge for Trump pointing out that Biden was bragging about abusing his office and the U.S. Treasury to stop a criminal investigation into a company at which his son sat on the Board of Directors. Democrats allow Biden to sic the House of Representatives on the president in order to get revenge, but the executive branch is not allowed to do its job of investigating actual crimes, at least not crimes committed by Democrats — even when the Democrat brags about how he committed the crime.

    I suppose that is only fair, considering Democrats think of themselves as above the law, because they are the good guys and don’t have to obey the laws that assure that people remain being good guys. This same logic excuses them from being racists, forming the KKK, making the Jim Crow laws, or creating the Trail of Tears. This logic also allows them to claim credit for the Civil Rights Act, even though virtually all of them opposed it and they were the ones siccing dogs and spraying fire hoses at the — what was that word that Democrats used to use do describe the people who benefited most from the Civil Rights Act? It’s the same word that LBJ used when he declared that he would get them to vote Democratic for two hundred years.

    The Democratic Party. The party of “it’s our way or we will call you racist, throw a riot, prosecute you even if we have to make up a hate-speech law and declare you hateful, and then force you to count your privileges, which we Democrats don’t have, of course.”

    I may have strayed a bit from the topic.

  • Phill O

    The gears of justice move slow. It does look like the dems might face consequences. As with others the boom can fall rapidly once all the evidence is collected. I hope that is so for these investigations. All the dems have done by attacking Trump on issues they are guilty of, is slowed the process. To think that Hillary got off for the server and email corruption is not instilling hope.

  • mpthompson

    I hate to be skeptical, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Experience has taught me our elites are NEVER held accountable. Democrats and Republicans are just two different sides of the same corrupt coin — politicians protecting their elite club first and foremost.

  • Wodun

    Horowitz cleard Stzrok and Page of acting with political bias despite their damning text messages, so don’t get you hopes up for his report.

  • Wodun


    I agree with what you said but also think a substantial number of Democrats have no idea what their party is doing, whether it is with Obama spying, violence in the street, or campus craziness. Passive consumers of the news wont know about any of the major events shaping our society. This is especially true with the investigation into the coup. The media is still pumping out Russian collusion and claims investigating the coup amounts to illigitmate actions to boost Trump’s electoral success.

  • Max

    When I heard the news, I had flashbacks of the Ken Starr investigation that went on for years. The Clintons had numerous illegal activities, investments, rape, murder, campaign donations, quid pro quo, too many “gates” to remember them all. It took an act of Congress for him to lose his law license.

    Ken Starr quit his job for a nice paycheck somewhere else. No charges were filed, it turned out to be a cover-up campaign sweeping behind the Clintons everywhere they go. Gathering the evidence then throwing it away. Buildings blowing up or burning down with years of evidence inside.
    Remember the special investigator from Utah who took the job then disappeared? Evidence sent to him multiple times yet he says he never received it nor did he do one interview with any of the suspects or whistleblowers. He was fired and replaced without one documented piece of evidence gathered, fake investigator. It turns out he was involved in the sale of uranium to Russia.

    Mitt Romney’s approval rating in Utah has fallen to near 40%, search algorithms indicate that the top of the list is “does Utah have a recall law on the books”. They don’t. It’s on the list in January for legislatures to look at.
    But here again I am wondering why mitt Romney appears to be standing up for his cronies in Congress and Bain Capital rather than for the people? It shows you the true nature of his heart, or he really is a vain and stupid person.
    Sometimes when I watch President Trump and Romney go at each other, it makes me think that I’m watching a wrestling match choreographed for the audience entertainment. That is how Don Trump got his start in entertainment.

  • Cotour

    Max, a couple of points:

    1. The actors that Durhman is focusing on exist in the Pedestrian realm, they are or were employees of the government. And so they are subject to certain formal fiduciary responsibilities related to those jobs. This makes them much more vulnerable to a criminal prosecution should it be determined that they have acted too far out of their described job responsibilities, in this case executing a seditious conspiracy against a duly elected president. Compared to a Politically empowered player that has been empowered by the vote. There is a bit more gray area and wiggle room for those who have been politically empowered, apples and oranges to some degree.

    2. Mit Romney may be positioning himself as a replacement for Trump should he be impeached and / or might be politically damaged, or removed from office. And the best of all would be that Romney would cast the vote to remove him if the Senate ever got near the 67 votes required to remove the president.

    Romney, just like Biden, does not have a chance in hell of becoming the nominee, let alone the president. He just looks like he should be a president. His time is long over because he has been revealed to be what he is, just another moralistic, Globalist fraud. A moralistic fraud that is going nowhere. There may be some big money people that would like to get back on the Globalist road utilizing Romney, but Romeny is not the way and would fail miserably.

    And if that were to happen, the removal of president Trump by the Republican party, now that would be a momentous event in American history that would drive a real revolution at the ballot box or maybe even in the streets like has never before been seen.

  • Cotour


    Love Trump, or despise Trump, you can not illegally spy on an American, or a candidate for president for that matter, because you just don’t like him and favor someone else. Even if you head up our American law enforcement agencies and have the power to do so through fraudulent means. The people of America are to choose the president and not these elite career government employees.

    There is no such thing as the “Deep State”? Really? Epoch Times report.

    And why did they do it? Because soooo much fraud and corruption was committed previously in the anticipation of the Hillary Clinton presidency that these operators thought that none of it would ever be revealed.

    Then came Trump.

    What has been anticipated for so long, the truth about the fraudulent FISA warrants and “Russian Collusion”, is now parked at the door of the castle and will be let in soon. And then there will be much more to follow.


  • Cotour


    I highly doubt it.

    And if Barr were to submit his resignation to the president? Then what?

    My imagined version of president Trump’s response to a theoretical Barr resignation letter:


    From The Office Of The President Of The United States

    Dear Attorney General William Barr,

    I have received your formal resignation letter…..and I respectfully reject it.

    As you well know I as the president of the United States am currently involved in revealing most probably the highest extent of internal government treachery, perversion, corruption, abuse of power and sedition in our country’s history. And this situation as you well know because of the work you are currently involved in truly threatens all Americans and our precious Constitution.

    I know my style and communication choices may at times be disruptive and destabilizing to those who have chosen to fight this very important fight with me and that must be conducted to ensure that our country remains as founded and intended. To ensure the citizens of our country a free, law abiding and prosperous country that will continue to lead the world.

    But there can not be allowed to exist two sets of laws nor seditious activities instituted by government agencies that threaten our duly elected leaders and our Constitution. You in your position as Attorney General are the tip of the spear in this righteous endeavor and are now a key person in this fight.

    My style as president and communication choices have thus far produced a result in American politics and governmental administration that has never before been seen. And as you well know and intimately understand because of the special place that you as the Attorney General occupy it is essential that the continuity in your specific job not be broken and the investigations that desperately need to be conducted and brought to fruition must continue.

    And it is for these undeniable reasons that are much more consequential than any one man or woman and their comfortability with their leadership I again reject your resignation. And therefore I continue to have the highest expectations of you and the people who are under your administration as Attorney General to complete the important job that the American people, your fellow countrymen, need you to lead and complete.

    D.J.Trump, President Of The United States


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