Is the Google Lunar X-Prize dead?

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Doug Messier today has written a sad summary of the status of the Google Lunar X-Prize, and it does appear that no one is going to meet the March 31, 2018 deadline.

The news yesterday that Team Indus failed to raise the cash to pay for its rocket launch appears to have killed both it and the Japanese competitor. Lack of funds also appear to have stopped the Israeli team. Meanwhile, delays in getting the rockets operational for Moon Express and Synergy Moon leave both stranded on the ground.



  • Orion314

    I posted years ago, I thought the end of contest date was a couple of years too soon….

  • Edward

    Although the demise of the Lunar X-Prize is a sad thought, there are a couple of teams that are still on track to remain in business to provide commercial exploration of space, the purpose of offering the Lunar X-Prize in the first place.
    The goal of the Google Lunar X Prize is similar to that of the Ansari X Prize: to inspire a new generation of private investment in hopes of developing more cost-effective technologies and materials to overcome many limitations of space exploration that are currently taken for granted.

  • Mitch S.

    Bit of a shame that the FH will soon launch with a Tesla Roadster as payload.
    Would have been nice if timing and circumstances could have allowed Space X to offer some teams a cheap ride if they were willing to take the risk.
    (Throw ’em in the trunk of the car!)

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