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  • Kelly Starks

    TSA has manily been about pr rather then security. This is causing bad PR – so they will drop it.

    If this isn’t enough of a firestorm. Given those TSA scanner “sort of nude images” have in the past been downloaded by operators and distributed on the web (in one case reportedly in hours). How long before Sara Palin, Ann Coulter (or any shy hot actress – Or Fox new host) has their “nude” images on the web?

    Those law suits and scandals could raise TSA’s bad press to nightmare levels.

    The question with the TSA apparently nude scanners, or full body frisk, vs. safety assumes incorrectly either make a difference.

    Since TSA took over airport security after 9-11, in tests they were much less able to detect hidden weapons then their commercial predecessors. But no one tried smuggling weapons on the plane, because they know pilots now swear they’ll crash the planes themselves rather than give controls to hijackers. Better kill hundreds of passengers, then have the plane used to kill thousands in skyscrapers.

    We now search shoes and underwear and everywhere else to stop last year’s bombers – but terrorists are now fielding “internally carried” bombs that would take a body cavity search to find, or as we saw a few days ago – shipping bombs via UPS.

    Do what the Israelis and British do or did against terrorist. You look for the terrorist not the bomb. Were so nervous about not looking un-PC the TSA administrator says she’ll consider the requested exemption against scanning or searching Muslim women in traditional garb. Better a few dead passengers then a charge of profiling?.

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