Is Tim Tebow being blackballed because of his religious beliefs?

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Is Tim Tebow being blackballed because of his religious beliefs?



  • Pzatchok

    I think he was ridiculed by the press, both sports and main stream, just because of his religion. Mainly by the MSM.

    His religion always took center stage instead of his sports ability.
    It got to the point other player felt safe attaching him because they knew the press would never vilify them for it. Not like if they made fun of a gay man for coming out. For that they would have been sent to jail. But because it was about his religion it was all snickered about and made a joke of eventually.

    Quite frankly I think Pittsburgh should give him a chance. They need someone and they have the owner and office that could handle the controversy well. Roethlisberger certainly gave them enough. They need someone to either build around or learn their old system and he can do it.
    Plus its a big religious town who would accept him well.

    I can’t believe I said that. I hate the Steelers. But I do think he would fit in well.

  • D. K. Williams

    Carolina would be a possibility as he could back-up Cam Newton who sometimes runs the read-option. However, as much as I admire Tim Tebow, I have to admit he’s wildly inconsistent as a passer. His game is better suited to Arena football or perhaps the Canadian game. The NFL hates controversy, but they love money even more. If a team thinks Tebow can help them win, they would hire him. If Tebow is determined to play in the NFL again, he should state his willingness to try out as a tight end.

  • Publius 2

    I’m imagining the MSM response had GW Bush called Tebow to express support for his expression of his Christianity. Would they have provided coverage similar to the 2,300 articles/broadcast spots and mentions of Obama calling Jason Collins to support his decision to reveal his homosexuality? We can gauge the maturity and objectivity of the media when both such stories are treated with equal enthusiasm or restraint. As of now, these conditions don’t exist. In fact, conditions are worse than in the Soviet Union, when the state controlled all media outlets. Here, with Freedom of the Press guaranteed by the First Amendment, this bunch has surrendered its objectivity and quest for the truth in favor of … what?

  • lino

    Anyone defending Tebow’s football skills as a passer has obviously not watched the guy play. If you think the press is driving him out of football, watch him play. Don’t rule out the possibility that the press is reporting the fact that he is a lousy player. He may be a religiously driven lousy player, but that doesn’t change his performance level. No team that wants to win will take (or keep) this guy as a QB.

  • Pzatchok

    He sucked so bad he got his teem into the payoffs.

    Terrible, just terrible.

  • lino

    Denver had such a good team that they did pretty well despite him. I watched him play. He’s not being kept off of teams because of his beliefs.

  • Lino

    Michael Vick was hated by the press and the public. He played plenty. Teams are too selfish to let anything but results drive their player choices.

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