ISEE-3 effort aborted?

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The engineers trying to resurrect ISEE-3 think their engine burn yesterday ended prematurely because the spacecraft’s supply of nitrogen needed for such a burn has been depleted.

They have still not given up hope, but it sounds like it is increasingly unlikely that they will be able to shift the spacecraft’s orbit as needed.



  • wodun

    Bummer. It was a great effort.

  • Pzatchok

    I wonder if the Hydrazine in the tank didn’t freeze a little on the last pressurization and maybe block the nitrogen inlet hole.

    Just tossing out ideas here.

    You would think they would have a pressure sensor on the nitrogen tank that would tell them if they have pressure or not.

  • Edward

    I’m not giving up hope, yet. I *do* think that this whole exceptional exercise shows that we Americans have the gumption to try things that would seem impractical to do, and that we can put together an international team of people to work on and assist (with finances, with donated equipment and facility time, and with talent) with even the most unlikely projects.

    I hope for the best for those working the issues.

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