• Pzatchok

    Everyone should read the Koran.

    Everything Mohamed taught (Mohamed was illiterate by the way so we only have word of mouth about what he might have taught. Written down hundreds of years later) was just a treaties on how to rule a people by religion. A guide line on how to control the believers and oppress the non believers.
    Islam by its own words is only allowed to reform by violence and oppression.
    Even if one sect of Islam does not believe in the teachings and interpretations of another they are not allowed to publicly speak out against that sect. That sect might just be the chosen sect of God.
    That is why you almost NEVER here of those peaceful Muslims speaking against the others. Its against their religion and turns them into enemies(I.E. targets) of the other sects.
    By Islams own rules only the sects that survive are obviously the sects chosen by God. So it breeds sects geared more and more toward violent oppression of those who think different than them.

    The only peace they believe in is the peace of knowing all non believers are converted or destroyed. All their enemies are dead.

  • Lois Johnson

    Sounds like what one of our major political parties in the US is becoming.

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