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Islam murders 12 people at magazine

The religion of peace strikes again: Twelve people were murdered today by Islamic terrorists at a French satirical magazine.

The magazine, Charlie Hebdo, had published many cartoons making fun of religion. Fortunately, they were able to avoid the hoards of Jewish and Christian terrorists that tried to kill them.

In addition, a car bomb has exploded in front of a synagogue in the suburbs of Paris. Update: An accident unrelated to terrorism.

The Obama administration has been quick to act, condemning the attacks while once again insisting that Islam is “a peaceful religion.” That is a quote, today, by Obama’s own press secretary.

Make sure you read James Delingpole’s prediction of what will happen next as our leaders will do anything to avoid facing reality so they can continue to live in a fantasy world where Islam is our friend and it is the evil racism of the west that caused this tragedy.

In defiance of Islam’s effort to impose its will on us all, here is a link to some of the cartoons Charlie Hebdo previously published making fun of Islam. Click on it. Spread it around. Let’s have everyone see it!

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  • Cotour

    Yeah, and Major Hassan committed “work place violence” (while screaming Alah Akbar as he pulled his trigger!). I think we all know why the presidents representative was directed to not call it terrorism, which plainly it is. How vial and twisted this segment of Islam is.

    I suppose that this is what must be done from their point of view as their religion is dragged against its will along into the 21 first century where women actually have a place in society other than to be the receptacle of sexual attention (they know what hell awaits them women actually have rights and can say no and further have an opinion. Now that’s scary.) . How terrified must they be to do such depraved things as they see their entire belief system challenged, which I am not for one second attempting to explain or justify. It is what it is and must be dealt with in the strongest and most thorough way.

    I remember a story, I believe about the British where to help control such actions it was their practice to advertise that when they would bury their Muslim opponents they would be spending eternity with the head of a pig in their grave. Now we know governments can not formerly do such a discriminatory thing but maybe someone in the world might see it fit to form such an organization to ensure such an eternal resting arrangement.

  • Jake V

    Islam is more of a political movement than it is a religion. It’s amazing people like President Obama can open a Qua-ran and find commands to kill and yet with a straight face call it a “religion of peace”.

  • Cotour

    You are correct, Islam is both a religion and a political / military instruction document that is called a religion. This duality distinction must be understood.

    As for the president and Hillary Clinton, the presumed next president, they believe that these people who choose to act in such a way need to be better understood. And Obama really does understand it in a different way, he was born and grew up within it, how could he speak against it? To him it is beautiful.

    Im going with the special burial rituals as being a better more tangible and effective way to deal with these vial actions. I will worry about figuring out and understanding them later.

    Looks like it may be a simple and effective answer to a difficult situation.

  • Edward

    At the risk of jumping to conclusions, based upon insufficient evidence:

    1) The Christians did it but are trying to frame someone else.
    2) It is the fault of a video.
    3) It is the fault of the victims.
    4) It is Sarah Palin’s fault for having cross-hairs.
    5) It most definitely couldn’t be the fault of Feinstein’s release of her torture report, because no one would ever commit such acts based upon such trivialities.
    6) It is workplace violence. Nothing to see here.
    7) It is Nakoula Nakoula’s fault, and he will be swiftly jailed for it.
    8) If only we had empathized with the assailants, they wouldn’t have assailed.
    9) These were peaceful people.

    There is a strange, new definition of ‘peace,’ when it comes to Islam. Perhaps our president will explain this new definition, someday.

    When a mere protest can result in the violence of Benghazi, then it seems reasonable that the police responding to mere protests should be prepared — and armed — in a manner that would allow them to prevent or stop such violence. Yes, this is me accepting the militarization of the police. We already know that when such protests call for the death of police officers, it can — and does — come true.

    This is the horror, terror, and fear that tyranny begets. Tyrants are wont to apply their form of (in)justice without warning or warrant.

    Poorly armed police forces (and the peoples of poorly reacting politicians) are at the mercy of the honesty of the dishonest. Sheriff Andy Taylor, of the Mayberry RFD television show, may not have carried a gun, but that left him vulnerable to the same fate as the two Paris police officers. It makes for fanciful, idealized, television, but it does not stop, deter, or prevent real-world terrorists, who do not care who gets hurt during their mission of destruction, mayhem, and intimidation.

  • wodun

    Part of it is political and sadly, many of our friends to the left agree with their politics while not liking the religious angle.

  • Cotour

    The first things that France might do to begin to stop out this cancer:

    1. There are places that the French police are not allowed in French Muslim communities (slums) and they are under Sharia law within France (that is a serious mistake by the French government). They have essentially set up their own country within France, they do not assimilate. That ends now, and anyone that resists this action should be removed to their former home country if they are naturalized, a bit of a harder problem if they are born French. Even if they have to suspend their constitution under an emergency situation. Stop it out now, they have allowed political correctness to go too far, as the high minded Liberal / socialist will do. (what will we do when we have to do something here?)

    2. Any person involved in any terrorist action based in Islam will, if they are killed or when they die, be buried using the Black Jack Pershing method of Islamic control.

    3. Like the Israelis do, if you commit such an action your immediate family will suffer the destruction of their home / homes.

    None of this will of course happen but in a world where things are the way they should be it would.

  • Cotour

    Islamic mini state within France:

    And where is this cancerous religion tending to now move? What now, they have done the same as in France in the Mid West here in America for many years, their numbers have not risen to the point where they begin to dominate their communities to the French level. I believe they are aprox. 4 to 5% of the French population now.

    Liking the Black Jack Pershing method more and more, create the disincentive to not go somewhere.

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