Islamic terrorism and bigotry for all to see.

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The religion of peace: “In a sort of reverse Passover, ISIS activists have marked the homes of Christians with the letter N for “Nassarah,” an Islamic term for Christian, to identify the homes whose inhabitants were to be slaughtered.”

The article also shows, with pictures, the violent nature of the Muslim demonstrations against Israel in France, and the intolerant treatment of Christians by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.



  • Competential

    Too bad US foreign policy and military so extremely strongly supports islamic fundamentalism. The closest allied of the US is Saudi Arabia. Their constitution is the Koran and the Sharia law. They have the fourth largest defence budget in the world and their royal family was close to Usama bin Ladin.

    US foreign policy is what drives islamism and terrorism in the world, including handing over Iraq to al Qaida. Without any US foreign policy the world would be a much safer place to live in. And the US wouldn’t bankrupt. Please stop destroying the world, would you!

  • Cotour

    The nature of power creates these seemingly counter intuitive alliances, power is not something that is voted present on, power is not something that you “lead from behind” on, power abhors idealism, it eats it for breakfast.

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

    The question is: What is the game?

    Answer: Power is the game and its Strategy Over Morality that dominates the game.

  • wodun

    We should allow these true refugees to come to America. It isn’t any wonder that most of the Arabs in the USA are Christian while they are such a tiny minority in the global Arab community.

  • JWing

    So their letter “N” looks like a one-eyed smiley face when written in graffiti… that’s good to know. I now know what to keep an eye out for. I hope I never see it here.

  • Pzatchok

    You seem a bit short on Saudi Arabian knowledge.

    They are not ruled by Sharia law.
    They are ruled by the King. His word is law.
    And the House of Saud has long been a friend of the west. Maybe not an ally at all times but at least willing to be a friend.
    So much so that your interpretation of their association with Osama Bin Laden is way off. He was declared an outlaw by the royal family long before he became an open enemy of the US. He in fact advocated for overthrowing the Royal house and imposing absolute Sharia Law.
    The house of Saud acts an intermediary for many of the conflicts in the middle east with no promoting from the west or the US. Often at its own political detriment.

    Though I do think your right in your idea that the US should stay out of all conflicts not directly involving the continental US. Like WW1 and WW2. Things would be so much more peaceful now. In fact there might not even be a Jewish State of Israel to blame all the tribal fighting in the Middle East on.
    Muslims hacking up and killing none Muslims in Africa is all because of Israel right?

    Without the US Araq would already be part of Iran and a greater New Islamic Caliphate. After Iraq all the smaller states of the middle east would have fallen fast. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would have been the last to fall. And it would have been a bloody fall.

    But your right the US causes all the trouble around the world.

    Hell without our interference in WW2 the Chinese communists might never have risen and the peaceful Japanese would have ruled them all.

    But hey, lets say its your choice now. What set of bloody dictators do you want to rule the rest of the world?

  • Competential

    I say, let the Israels deal with the islamists. They know how to do it very efficiently. The US is only holding them back.

    The sunni muslims, i.e. Saudi-al Qaida, is much more fanatic and violent than the much smaller shia muslims i.e. Iran. Iran taking over most of Iraq would be a very good thing. iran has no airforce and no real navy.It is Saudi Arabia which is the big threat. They are also said to develop nuclear weapons together with Pakistan, another islamistic allied with the US. The entire US Middle East policy has collapse. The defeat was total, everyone over there is an enemy of the US now. (King Fahd is 90 years old, even Saudi might collapse into a new Syria any day now).

  • Pzatchok

    “I say, let the Israels deal with the islamists. They know how to do it very efficiently. The US is only holding them back.”

    You said it I didn’t. But I think you hope that without US backing the Muslim nations will them have a chance at defeating Israel.
    I personally don’t think that strategy has as much chance as you think, it has ever worked in the past, but hey go for it.

    And as for irans military capability. You need to learn a few more things.
    The Iraqi military is so small its hard to find data. But

    For a simpler run down I found this sight to have a fairly representative breakdown but nothing official. Just fun.

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