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Israel, overrun with Covid, proves the vaccines have failed and must be abandoned

Link here. The analysis is data driven, extensive, and thorough. It shows that with each COVID shot and booster the effectiveness against the Wuhan virus goes down, and in fact eventually reduces a person’s immunity against the virus. Key quote:

Israel is first, always.

Other highly vaccinated and boosted countries are a few weeks behind, and their boosted patients may still have some partial protection against severe disease and death. (People who received two doses last winter or spring probably have none at this point, if the data out of Scotland and the United Kingdom are to be believed.)

But that won’t last. The Israeli experience this month could not be clearer. A third dose does not provide long-term protection. When it fails, the boomerang effect is severe. Hospitals come under even more pressure than they would in a “natural” Covid wave, because the vaccine failure is highly synchronized – everyone becomes exposed at once.

And so – insanity upon insanity – the Israelis are offering a fourth dose.

Why would anyone believe at this point that a fourth dose will help for more than a couple of weeks? Not months, weeks. The trend line was obvious even BEFORE Omicron arrived; and Omicron drives vaccine efficacy down even more quickly. In countries with good data, vaccinated people actually are more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated.

Further, a fourth dose is likely to have MORE severe side effects – remember, the second and third doses produce notably increasing levels of heart inflammation in men, and mRNA therapeutics were repurposed as vaccines because of problems with toxicity after repeated dosing. [emphasis mine]

I am beginning to believe the reason so many lovers of the COVID shots want to force everyone else to get them is because they realize the facts above, either consciously or unconsciously. They are terrified of the consequences for themselves, and thus resent those who are not in the same boat. Rather than face their mistakes and admit error, they instead want no one to escape. Everyone has got to get the shots, so that everyone is equally in danger.

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  • “I am beginning to believe the reason so many lovers of the COVID shots want to force everyone else to get them is because they realize the facts above, either consciously or unconsciously. They are terrified of the consequences for themselves, and thus resent those who are not in the same boat. Rather than face their mistakes and admit error, they instead want no one to escape. Everyone has got to get the shots, so that everyone is equally in danger.”

    Hammer, meet nail. Misery loves it some company, and Progressivism is all about shared, and induced, misery.

  • Lee S

    My opinion on the virus and the vaccine bounces like an over inflated beachball… But so does the science… I’m double vaccinated, but I’m choosing not to get “boosted”… All of my daughter’s friends have had the latest strain, yet I, ( and I’m severely immunocompromised ) , and my daughter and son remain negative. A friend who is also in the “at risk” group took his booster jab, contracted the virus the day later and was in bed for a week….
    I have no faith in the effectiveness of the vaccine, I have more faith in letting nature take its course… I know this post is full of cognitive fallacies, but so is the science regarding the pandemic.
    My kids are with their mom this weekend, so I will be going out to have an unmasked beer or 3 with a few friends tonight. Life continues as normal here in Sweden, and I’m still breathing…..

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Regarding this story about Israel and the COVID Vaccines, I was hoping to learn something interesting about WHY Israel has pursued its failing COVID policies.
    I admit to only having a surface level understanding of how Israel has handled COVID through occasionally reading ‘The Times of Israel’, watching the i24 Israel News App on my internet TV, and seeing the occasional news item in the U.S. press.

    In his post, Bob summarizes Alex Berenson’s Substack article and provides a key quote. So the table has been set for getting to the why of the situation.
    Specifically, “Why did the Israel Government make such disastrous decisions regarding the COVID Vaccines?”.

    But in the post above we only get a description of the fearful motivations of individuals. There are fearful people in Sweden as well as Israel, so why did Israel impose draconian COVID policies but Sweden did not?
    It is interesting to note that as of 3 weeks ago the Swedish Health Ministry stated that it does not plan to introduce compulsory vaccination.

    One could look at Political, Social & Cultural forces to weave a narrative that reveals key truths about this Why.

  • wayne

    Soul Asylum –
    “Misery” (1995)

    We could build a factory and make misery.
    We’ll create the cure, we made the disease…

    All you suicide kings, and you drama queens,
    Forever after happily making misery.”

  • wayne

    Rage Against the Machine –
    Bullet in the Head (1992)

    “Play it again, Jack, and then rewind the tape,
    And then play it again, and again, and again,
    Until ya mind is locked in.
    Believin’ all the lies that they’re tellin’ ya,
    Buyin’ all the products that they’re sellin’ ya,
    They say jump and ya say “how high?”
    Ya braindead, ya got a [Brandan} bullet in ya head.”

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Rather than face their mistakes and admit error, they instead want no one to escape.

    Ah, the mistakes we make. I took the needle because the county government promised us that if we got the jab we could live freely, without masks or any of the other restrictions, but then on August 2 they broke their promise, and now we are subject to masks and other restrictions whether or not we are vaxxed. They fooled me once, shame on them. I won’t be fooled into getting any more shots, because that would be a shame on me.

  • m d mill

    I have received the 2 dose original vaccine and was happy to get it, no mistake. I have been questioning whether a “booster” is good idea. I think i will forgo any more covid vaccines, just as i have never gotten normal “flu” shots.
    (This is perhaps the only time Edward and I will be in agreement)

  • m d mill

    And thank you RZ for the continuing info. I do disagree with you some times strongly. But appreciate BTB as a source of important info that I will not get virtually any where in the mainstream media.

  • hondo

    I remain unvaccinated – essentially I live like a hermit living in the forest of rural NE PA.
    I have essentially no human contact beyond the occasional small family gathering.
    I am in the extreme high-risk group to start – age, poor health, other issues.
    I have easy access thru the VA – but why bother for what might be limited false promises..
    I suspect my other issues will drive me into a VA Hospital eventually, where I’ll probably contract Corvid and croak – and become someone’s statistic.
    Such is life!

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    hondo – I’m sure you’re a man with valuable lived experience. Above in my comment, I ask Bob and by extension you the following:
    “Why did the Israel Government make such disastrous decisions regarding the COVID Vaccines?”. Then I ask BtB commenters to consider Political, Social & Cultural forces.

    So hondo – I’ll ask you to speculate. Take one significant country in the world besides the United States and explain why their Government took disastrous decisions regarding the COVID Vaccines. For example, I personally would be interested in knowing what’s going on in Canada that has provoked this massive Trucker’s Convoy to their Capital. But take any country and tell us what you think.

    FYI – enjoy the Forests. Currently my view is one of frozen sheets of pristine snow covered farmland.

  • Andrew_W

    I think the analysis offered in this article is consistent with what we see in terms of the delta and omicron variants around the world and shows that Mr Zimmerman’s claims against vaccination are flat out wrong.

  • Andrew_W

    Additionally, while Israel got off to a great start with their vaccination program it didn’t last, Israel now has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the OECD.

    Also the source Mr Zimmerman uses inexplicably (not really, it’s obviously extremely biased and bent on building a convincing lie) fails to even mention that while death rates in the latest Israeli covid surge are similar to past peaks, the number of reported cases is about 8 times higher than in past peaks, meaning the CFR is 1/8th what it had previously been.

    I suspect the actual infection rates are more than 8 times as high, because with high infection rates and with the average infection being milder with less symptoms the proportion of diagnosed cases would almost certainly be lower. So likely the IFR is 1/10th? 1/12th? That in past peaks.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    Like a Volvo compared in context to other auto’s, Omicron in that kind of context can be seen as being “Milder”. Much more transmissible and fast-growing numbers but much less hospitalizations and deaths in comparison.

    That being said I have many friends, both vaxxed and un vaxxed, that had recently contracted Omicron and many of them had a bit of a time with it regarding mostly lingering weakness.

    One couple I know got the original version, then got vaxxed, then got vaxxed again, then got boosted, then got Omicron. And they were very mask conscious to boot.

    Who had the easiest time of it? Those who were vaxxed to be honest, back in action within 5 to 6 days. One buddy not vaxxed had extreme bone and joint pain and is three weeks out still lagging in energy. But he is fine. Many were overweight and some had diabetes.

    All survived only one had to go to the hospital for 5 days, and no one died. And they are pretty much all back to operational now.

    The Delta version, which is what I had, which was a rabid female dog. I was essentially the chalk line drawn around the dead murder victim laying in the street for about a week, lost 20 lbs. Then it took a couple of days to shake of the brain fog and then 3 more weeks to feel 95%. Another month and I was 200%. No aftereffects for me.

    Omicron? Unless whatever is going on over in the utopian Communist wonderland of China is a new and “Improved” version of Covid, Omicron both 1A and its sister 2A appears to be the normalization of the thing in the world.

    The Covid pandemic for all intents and purposes is over.

    The question remains however: How long will it take for the governments around the world to recognize such and dial down their Orwellian state perspective and stop “Helping” and “Protecting” their populations. Stay tuned on that, they have all been revealed for what they are.

  • Cotour


    If anyone remembers when I wrote about my Covid experience I mentioned what appeared to clear up my brain fog and my weakness was when I began taking probiotics. I felt better and improved just one day after taking it. Looks like my theory about where my energy went and how to get it back has been supported.

    Take note: Take your supplements and take a probiotic once in a while if you contract Covid, it may save you from a long time being out of gas and run down.

  • m d mill

    This analysis of covid-19 in Judith Curry’s Climate Etc by a PHD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology very insightful.
    I recommend it highly:

    I think RZ should Post it specifically. If someone could email it to him I would be grateful.

  • md mill: Judith Curry is always thoughtful and rational. Her approach is definitely worth reading.

  • Andrew_W

    Contour, I don’t see your experience and that of your friends as being inconsistent with the data I offer, especially that in the Stuff article, omicron is slightly bless severe on average than delta, symptoms much reduced with vaccination but far more contagious, so contagious that it can whip through a population at such a high rate that the case numbers can get pushed so high that the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are as high as delta, despite lower IFR’s.
    It’s reasonable to expect that a population that has experienced high infection rates of earlier variants to have on average more moderate symptoms from omicron than populations that rely heavily on vaccination rather than exposure to the actual virus.

    Good to hear you’re doing well, and I appreciate your comments, you are I think one of the commenters here more able to put aside ideological bias – look at the evidence, when assessing an issue.

  • Darwin Teague

    They want everyone to get the jabs so there won’t be a control group.
    Over time, more and more of those with the jab will die early and it will become obvious why. If everyone had the jabs, it could be blamed on something else

    Pfizer stopped their vaccine study early, after six months, because more people in the vaccine group died than the control group. Then they gave the jabs to everyone in the control group.

    And then the FDA approved it for emergency use.

    Get Robert Kennedy Jr’s book.It will blow your mind

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    While in the short term the mRNA “Vaccines” appear to dial down the worst effects of Covid, that is not what is the clearly developing controversy based on the emerging data.

    And this controversy and the associated details related to the many levels between the interests of the general public and the interests of those in power and the many contradictions and conflicts of interest and their perverted and incompetent agendas will in time be revealed.

    And there appears that holy hell will be paid when it gets here.

    And those here on BTB will have been on the cutting edge of this issue and the associated political issues. What is being spoken of now as unbelievable as it may be was spoken about months ago on BTB. Some issues like the perversions in politics were spoken of years ago.

    And here they are now spoken of and recognized as being so.

  • Cotour

    To my point: “And there appears that holy hell will be paid when it gets here.”

    FDA Approval Never Happened For The Vaccines? Peter McCullough

  • Edward

    The linked Alex Berenson essay concludes: “Science didn’t win.

    The problem with this conclusion is that science was not in this battle. Politics was. Therapeutics were reclassified as vaccines, yet they were never vaccines. mRNAs used to be for gene therapy. Politicians decided to accept them as faux vaccines. Masks were supposed to end the Wuhan flu, but a century of science prior to Wuhan continually concluded that masks do very little, if anything, to prevent the spread of disease. Social distancing was supposed to help, but no science was conducted to support this supposition, and it didn’t help, either. Sheltering in place was going to save us all from Wuhan flu, ending the outbreak by August 2020, but science had previously concluded that flus spread in winter because people huddled together indoors rather than spend time farther apart outdoors. Thus, the shelter in place lockdowns also failed in a counterproductive way.

    There is a misperception that science tells us what to do, but science is not judgmental. Science, or rather the scientific method, gathers data and interprets it in a quantified manner, and conclusions are made* in order to give us useful information about the world around us, but science makes no conclusions on how the information should be used. Morality and other decisions as to what is good and what is bad are philosophical endeavors, not scientific ones. Scientism is the mistaken belief that science can provide all the answers, but at best science only provides information that can be used in order to deduce many of the answers. We ourselves decide what to do, and sometimes we use the conclusions of science to inform us as to what are good and bad choices. The Wuhan flu cluster Brandon was not one of these times. Some people have even declared several scientific conclusions to be misinformation, banning these conclusions from many social media sources, adding to the cluster.

    Should governments mandate that everyone be required to take the faux vaccines, no medical or religious exemptions? That answer may depend upon their safety and effectiveness, two factors that science can determine, but science does not answer the question. Governments and individual companies have answered yes to the question, but science has shown that there are limits to the safety and that for certain ages and certain health conditions the risks are greater than the benefits.

    Are there unethical ways to conduct science (religious reasons for not using the resulting dangerous and ineffectual faux vaccine)? Science does not answer this question at all. Is it ethical to experiment with faux vaccines on the entire population? Governments and companies have said yes, but many civilians said no. Which group is right? Science does not answer that question.

    What if politics corrupts science in order to provide biased information so that government decisions are rationalized? This is sometimes known as Lysenkoism, and it depends upon the fallacy of confirmation bias, a corruption of the scientific method. Confirmation bias** is easy to do, even unknowingly, and can be difficult to detect, which is why it can slip past peer reviews.

    It isn’t science that didn’t win. It is we civilians who didn’t win. Remember that the next time you ponder the direction our governments are taking us.

    * Please note that the interpretations and the conclusions made are two sources of the uncertainty of science.

    ** Please note that confirmation bias is another source of the uncertainty of science.

  • Jennifer

    I agree on your point about those who have gotten the shots wanting us to get them *because* they know they are bad.

    When the piper comes on the shots, when the mass dying begins, they won’t admire our resilience or wisdom; they will hate us. They will weep and gnash their teeth. They will tear us limb from limb in the streets if they can.

    It’s going to be ugly.

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