ISRO requests Indian proposals for Venus probe

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India’s space agency ISRO has issued a request for proposals from Indian scientists for the scientific instruments to be installed on a future probe to Venus.

The announcement included the following information about the proposed Venus orbiter itself:

The payload capability of the proposed satellite is likely to be 175 kg with 500W of power. However these values are to be tuned based on the final configuration. The proposed orbit is expected to be around 500 x 60,000 km around Venus. This orbit is likely to be reduced gradually, over several months to a lower apoapsis.

All told it appears that India is moving forward with this project, and probably intends to build it much like they build Mangalyaan, their successful Mars orbiter, quickly, efficiently, and for relatively low cost.


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  • LocalFluff

    You do like ISRO, although it is a government program.

    Venus is an easy target. NASA has been proposed with the idea of getting an atmospheric sample returned to Earth, by a spacecraft that dips into its upper atmosphere as it returns. To me that sounds like a great idea, could answer whether Venus has active volcanism, when its atmosphere was formed. Venus is really the unknown planet today.

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