It appears that Senate Republicans will filibuster the Ryan budget deal.

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Maybe not so stupid: It appears that Senate Republicans will filibuster the Ryan budget deal.

If the Republicans in the Senate can force some changes, to both the reduction in the sequester cuts over the next two years as well as the procedural change that ends the minority’s ability to block tax increases, then they will have accomplished something.

What I like about this is that they appear to be willing to fight, something Republicans all too often fail to do.



  • Cotour

    I want to point out what in my opinion are the only two things that allows America to run itself in the big, fat and stupid manner that it does and at the moment that these conditions change, everything, and I mean everything goes down the tubes. Those two things are 1. the fact that our currency is based on a fiat basis and 2. the fact that we are the reserve currency of the world.

    Fiat currency and reserve currency status are based only in confidence and the worlds confidence in our currency is truly being tested. That being said, where else is there confidence related to a stable means of accomplishing transactions and a relative just means of doing business? China? Russia? Some combination of the two? I don’t think so. As long as this paradigm continues we can remain big, fat and stupid. The thing about paradigms is that they tend to change quickly right under the noses of the ones that believe that they are the biggest and the best.

    The FED’s policy goes hand in hand with the big, fat and stupid of our government., each encourages the other to continue the policies that have brought us to where we find ourselves and encourages the false justification of violating the Constitution. Is this part of a natural cycle or a purposeful agenda designed to destroy the Constitution for nefarious reasons?

  • wodun

    The Republicans in the Senate get to fight, usually all the pressure is on the House. This allows McConnell to look tough going into election season.

  • Don

    The Hose funds Obamacare!? Yes they did, again. And if Republicans take over the White House, Senate and House in 2016 odds are very strong they’ll keep Obamacare and try and ‘fix’ it, rather than total repeal of the disaster. They are too much part and parcel of inside the beltway problem. Unless we can get rid of the Boehner’s , Cantor’s and Ryan’s that is how I see it.

  • D. K. Williams

    Republicans need to let the budget go through as quietly as possible to avoid taking the focus off Ovomitcare. They need to take back the Senate in 2014.

  • PeterF

    Taking back the Senate is not a useful goal. If you can remember history beyond last week you should remember a time not long ago when the republicans held the Presidency, The House of Representatives, AND the Senate. There was no fiscal responsibility being practiced then and it is unlikely that returning the same group of career politicians to leadership positions would magically result in in a return to fiscal sanity. Speaker Boehner may be a fabulous house manager, but considering that he attacks members of his own caucus with a ferocity unseen when he deals with the opposition party, a leader he is NOT!
    And the abandonment of the sequester for short-term political manouever of not having to endure scathing editorials in the Washington comPost added to the removal of the debt ceiling? Its as foolhardy as hiring the town drunk to be the night watchman at the liquor store.
    The congress has bankrupted our future generations so the can use public funds to buy votes from the useful idiots that think government funded bread and circuses are free…

  • Edward

    The Republicans are no longer the “Mr. Smiths” (of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”) of the legislative class of 1994, but they have transformed into Senator Joseph Paines (Claude Raines’ character, who was corrupted by the power of Washington). Ted Cruz, et al., were not a large enough class of legislators to overcome our Paines curse, but we always have 2014 to send reinforcements.

    We need to learn how long it takes for the transformation to occur, then set term limits to before that length of time.

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