It appears that tomorrow Mitt Romney will name is vice presidential pick, and the rumors are saying its Paul Ryan.

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It appears that at 8:45 am tomorrow (Saturday) Mitt Romney will name his vice presidential pick, and the rumors are saying it will be Paul Ryan.

If so, this will be further evidence that Romney is serious about dealing with the out-of-control federal budget. Of all the elected officials in Congress, Paul Ryan is probably the most educated and clear-headed about the budget situation, and has been willing to put his political head on the chopping block to take risks to deal with the problem. He is also one of the most articulate, intelligent, and thoughtful politicians I have seen in years. He will run rings around Joe Biden in any debate.

The only negative I see for this pick is that it will take Ryan out of the House, where he was in a position to wield a great deal of influence on budget matters. As vice-president he will not have as much power.

I’ve embedded below the fold a video of Paul Ryan describing clearly the budget problems posed by Obamacare during the White House summit called by President Obama. It is only one example, but it is worth watching to gauge the merits of this man. Also, read this long article on Ryan’s background and history.

What impresses me about Ryan is that he can describe these issues clearly and thoughtfully without demonizing his opponents. We don’t have enough of this kind of politician these days, and to give him a position of power at this time can only raise the quality of the political debate.



  • Ryan is a stand-up guy, but can he bring Wisconsin’s electoral votes with him? Rubio is a safer pick. Florida is a must have state for Romney. Also, Axelrod is probably salivating at the chance to run the throw granny off the cliff ad again. They likely have a long list of others to be tossed over the ledge as well. A recent poll showed Rubio to be far and away the most popular VP choice. It would be absurd to ignore this.

  • I’m a fan of the idea put forward by Chuck Norris, that the GOP Presidential nominee reach out to their erstwhile opponents and offer them Cabinet positions. Then the candidate could say: a vote for me is a vote for all. It’s not inconceivable that the people in question would react favorably. HIillary took SecState, and I would have voted for her if she’d gotten the Democratic nomination in 2008.

  • wodun

    If it is Ryan, the left are going to flip their lids. They will need a new definition for dirty for what will be thrown at Rommey and Ryan.

  • ryan is bold , picking him for vp is bold , fortune favors the bold …. we will see … he’s definately no sarah palin haha

  • The Ryan pick is wise on a few levels but the most important is the fact that If Obama wants to attack Ryan. Obama has to attack him on Romneys ground the Economy and Obamacare and like a Witch on holy ground don’t be surprised if that doesn’t work out so well for them.

    I think the other reason this is a good pick is Ryan doesn’t over shadow Romney. Ryan is a good smart guy but in Romney’s Still looks like the President and Ryan the Vice President.

  • Publius 2

    In some ways I wish Ryan could have been left to anchor the House, where Boehner, Cantor, and the rest aren’t leading in any meaningful way. But he is indeed an intelligent, articulate advocate of reining in the federal budget. Maybe Romney will put him in charge of that task and have him work with Congress to do so. Meanwhile, the mission is to ignore the taunts, slights, lies, and outrages of the administration and media. If Romney and Ryan hammer the themes of growth, recovery, jobs, and security, the voting public will give them a landslide win.

  • jwing

    In picking Ryan, Romney is not pandering to the minority vote with a VP choice being a woman or ethnic minority. Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan says that the number one problem facing this country is the ECONOMY and the two will lead an administration that will correct the budget, stop the spending, open up manufacturing and oil drilling in order to get American working again.

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