It appears the Obama Justice Department is not going to prosecute Obama fundraiser and former Democratic Governor Jon Corzine for the embezzlement of customer funds at MF Global.

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The law is such an inconvenient thing: It appears the Obama Justice Department is not going to prosecute Obama fundraiser and former Democratic Governor/Senator Jon Corzine for the embezzlement of customer funds at MF Global.

What Corzine and MF Global did was the equivalent of a bank president digging into his customer’s private bank accounts in order to fund their own private investments. That is called embezzlement. It is a felony. That the Obama Justice Department is going to let Corzine off the hook is more evidence that this administration doesn’t believe in enforcing the law, but in using the power of government for its own ends. Disgraceful.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    Let’s face it – the Obama/Holder Dept of “Justice” is a joke. They will never, EVER prosecute anyone on their own side – not the New Black Panthers intimidating White voters outside the Philly polling place, not anyone involved in Fast & Furious (in fact, they refuse to turn over subpoenaed documents related to the scandal), and not an obviously corrupt Corzine either. Oh – but they’ll file lawsuits against states who try to enforce their own Voter ID or Immigratrion laws ! ! We’d all better hope & pray we get a change in leadership this Nov, so we can have a new, HONEST Att’y Gen’l & a return to a DOJ that actually does its job, instead of just protecting its cronies & constantly attacking its political “enemies”. Disgraceful isn’t even nearly strong enough to describe it…

  • Cronyism in the Obama administration? I’m shocked! Round up the usual suspects. You know–guitar makers and Arizona sheriffs.

  • John M. Egan

    This disgraceful administration practices selective enforcement of laws. We need a change in Nov.- the stench is becoming overwhelming!

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