It now appears that Democratic Senator candidate Elizabeth Warren practiced law in Massachusetts without a Massachusetts license.

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The law is such an inconvenient thing: It now appears that Democratic Senator candidate Elizabeth Warren illegally practiced law in Massachusetts without a Massachusetts’ license.

I reserved reporting this at first because, though she never had a Massachusetts’ license, she did have one from New Jersey. Since all her legal work appeared to be federal in natural, she had broken no laws. Now it appears otherwise.



  • JGL

    I also initially thought this story to be just political gamesmanship but it now looks as though it is true and bad news for her.

    The Indian linneage story issue, like Obamas entire history demonstrates situations where there is just too much smoke there.

    This seems to be an on going theme in all Marxist / socialist minded candidates past.

    Like I said, just too much smoke, they must be dismissed with extreme prejudice.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    It would be a very sad day for America if she’s elected after this is known – but it wouldn’t be the first time someone with a criminal record won an election…

  • Patrick

    If the lefties can’t dazzle you with their brilliance they will try to baffle you with all their BS.

    This woman is truly full of BS up to her eye balls.

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