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IT specialist Imran Awan solicited a bribe from at least one vendor

More corruption at Justice: IT specialist Imran Awan, while working for many Democrats in Congress, solicited a bribe from at least one IT vendor.

Democratic IT aide Imran Awan solicited a bribe from an IT vendor in exchange for contracting opportunities with the office of then-Rep. Gwen Graham, the vendor alleged to The Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that Imran spoke to him in detail about his alleged financial fraud schemes in the House.

The Department of Justice knows of the source — the longtime owner of a major House IT company — and what he is prepared to testify, a high-level official in Jeff Sessions’ DOJ with knowledge of the investigation confirmed. But the vendor said no law enforcement ever even tried to interview them. [emphasis mine]

Read it all. The vendor also was aware of the falsification of invoices to funnel money and equipment to the Awan family illegally. Yet, no one from Justice has ever felt the need to gather that evidence.

One more detail: Graham is running for Florida governor. If you are in Florida, expect a lot of corruption should she win.

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  • Max

    His court appearance was scheduled for today July 3. It is unthinkable what has just happened. Despite the evidence that surrounds this man and all that has happened. A third rate scandal/spy/foreign infiltration just got swept under the rug as if it did not happen and it was no big deal !!!
    The IT guy went before the judge to plead guilty to a lesser crime. He is being released and his monitor taken off.
    prosecutors said they “uncovered no evidence” that Awan “violated federal law with respect to the House computer systems.”

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

  • Max

    I checked for more news, CNN turned it into a hate piece on trump as usual. Here’s what the lawyer said;
    “Awan’s attorney called out the President’s statements and tweets in a statement: “My client is not a ‘spy,’ nor part of a ‘spy ring.’ There has never been any missing server, smashed hard drives, blackmailed members of Congress, or breach of classified information. This was all made up, for purposes of clickbait, Fox News stories, and political opportunism.”
    There you have it, evidence has been suppressed or removed. Awan will now quietly slip away before his August 21 sentencing disappearing forever.

  • wayne

    This sorta stuff, is just incredible. If you or I did 1/100th of these crimes, we’d be in prison.

  • Edward

    You sound surprised. The friends of the Democratic Party get breaks, get excuses, and get away with the worst crimes. This is what the deep state does. This is why we want the swamp drained. It is too bad that Trump is a lifelong Democrat, because he has demonstrated that he is not willing to drain the swamp, just talk about it and complain about it, teasing us mercilessly.

    It is too bad that the Republican Party went so far left that they chose an actual Democrat as their presidential candidate. I’d ask what they expected, but so far they are not getting much for their expectation, just more teases in order to keep up expectations.

  • Cotour

    Between this fact, D. Wasserman Shult’s is a U.S. prosecutor:

    And the fact that there were about 40 Democrats that at some level were compromised by the Awan brothers and the fact that D. Wasserman Shultz was the head of the DNC I will have to say that it is reasonable to believe that these charges were dialed down and “Handled” for the obvious reasons and legal implications.

    The Political realm is different than the Pedestrian realm and here is a clear illustration of that fact. And that is why we see the leadership of the Congress jockying around all of the testimony of the bad actors in the FBI and the DOJ that provide this legal cover for these Political realm players.

    Jockying for both cover and revelation and conviction? The Political realm must protect itself and they have the power to do it, but the people see what is what and are the ultimate arbiters of justice. As depressing as that may be, but then we figure in the Trump factor.

    I suspect that Trump who has the ability to declassify and reveal will tend to play that game well and ruthlessly. What will it cost and what will be revealed?

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