Italy in uproar: President rejects election results

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This is how you get Trump: Having rejected under their parliamentary system the nation’s recent election results that produced a government coalition strongly controlled by anti-European Union candidates, Italy’s president is now facing calls for his impeachment.

This was the first time in the history of the Italian republic that a president had thrown out the proposal for a government from elected parties, and even critics of the populist victors have acknowledged that the Italian people will take the move as a slap to Italian voters and the entire democratic process.

The bone of contention, Mattarella said in his rejection speech, was the candidate for the post of finance minister, Paolo Savona. “I have agreed with and accepted all the proposals for the Ministers, except that of the finance minister,” he said Sunday. “The designation of the finance minister always sends an immediate message, of confidence or of alarm, for economic and financial operators,” he added.

Paolo Savona, whom even his critics admit is eminently qualified for the post, has expressed concerns over the growth in power and reach of the European Union (EU) as well as the common EU currency, the euro, which he has referred to as a “German cage.”

Essentially he is saying that Italy’s elections are irrelevant, that no matter who the voters choose the government must be subservient to the European Union.

Expect new elections to produce an even more powerful populist government, even more hostile to the European Union.



  • Phill O

    Your conclusion of a grass roots uprising may be well drawn, Bob. In other countries where the government has tried dictatorial laws, people have and will rise up. Thank goodness for the second amendment in the USA which helps discourage such dictatorial behavior by the government. The more the dems demonize Trump, the more folk will take offense, especially when the economy is going gangbusters.

  • Cotour

    I repeat, this is globalism Beta test, lower case “g”. Italian style, you know, parmesan.

    The EU and Globalism, ala George Soros and others can not be having the people of any one country exercising their free choices in who oversees them. Its just no longer allowed.

    Another example of, ITS COMING.

    And this is the Socialist gift that Obama and Hillary wanted to deliver right here in America. Thanks, but no.

  • wodun

    Expect new elections to produce an even more powerful populist government, even more hostile to the European Union.

    I suspect that the opposite is true. The EU establishment will work very hard to ensure the election is rigged. The voting booth might be ok but it wouldn’t be surprising to see incarcerations or other abuses of government to impede these groups ability to campaign.

    Its not so crazy, it is what Obama did in 2012 and again in 2016.

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