It’s Ryan

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It’s official. Romney has picked Paul Ryan has his running mate.



  • JGL

    Its an ecellent choice, Ryan is next gen CONSERVATIVE / Republican.

    He is the first in what is a growing group of solid future leaders that leave the bad taste of last gen RHINO Republican behind.

    Sanity, respect and reconnection with the Constitution needs to be Americas future.

    My only reservation is his age, 42, smart is one thing wisdom is another, although he will be 51 or so when he runs for president, I like

    presidents closing in on 60.

    All in all the choice is a 10 IMO.

  • wodun

    Liberal heads are explodeing with all of the negative adds they want to run.

  • JGL

    Paul Ryan is a solid CONSERVATIVE (Limbaugh will be in heaven on Monday) with American values and has a Constitutional perspective,

    enough said.

    Listen to his speech accepting the vp spot.

    He gets right in the presidents class warfare, un American, utopian face.

    I suspect that Ryan is squekey clean, knows his subject cold, does not need notes and is a Constitutionalist, its like Seal Team Six just

    dropped into the presidential race.

  • What matters is what independents think of Ryan, particularly in Florida and Ohio.

  • “….its like Seal Team Six just dropped into the presidential race.”

    Well said. I suspect that Seal Team Six actual feels the same way.

  • JGL

    Agreed, it might make good political copy but Mr. Ryan is not a SEAL, maybe the SEAL’s would make him an honorary memeber at some


    Hopefully he will command them in the near future.

    The Dems are very busy attempting to define Ryan as a “radical” and a destroyer of medicare, there is only one radical in this race and he is

    the personification of the sixties radical and he sits in the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office.

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