Jack the Ripper identified

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Using DNA evidence from a shawl that is believed to have been at one of the Jack the Ripper’s murders, forensic scientists think they have finally identified the serial killer.

The story is fascinating, but what makes it even more convincing to me is that the person they name is hardly the wild romantic suspect that many books and movies have proposed in past decades. Instead, he was one of Scotland Yard’s prime suspects.



  • Wow. Although the Star Trek TOG (The Original Gangsta) episode ‘Wolf in the Fold’ is a good story, this is by far the more compelling. Great work all around.

  • DK Williams

    I hate to throw cold water on this, but it ties this fellow to one victim. There is a lot of evidence to suggest a German sailor was the main killer, who later fled to America and continued his grisly obsession.

  • Robin Fox

    I am not a scientist, but I cannot agree with the way this investigation was done. Kosminski was only one of three credible suspects. Why was he singled out and only his descendents’ DNA tested? John Pizer was also a Polish Jew. Why were no descendents of his tested? George Chapman (original name Seweryn Antonowicz Klosowski) was also from Poland, yet the DNA was not compared to his descendents. Until the DNA of the other suspects is compared to what was found on the scarf, there is not a truly valid conclusion.

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