January 11, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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  • Howard

    Really Like to listen to you on John Batchelor Show, you have so much to share,even on the podcasts,
    Hopefully the producers will give you more time.
    Thanks for a good show when your on,

    Loyal John Batchelor listener


  • John L

    None of the stories I’ve read on the movement of the north magnetic pole has mentioned the south magnetic pole.

    According to wikipedia the south magnetic pole is moving much slower. 6-9 miles/year vs. 34-37 miles/year. The south magnetic pole also looks to be much further north than the north magnetic pole is south (86 deg N vs. 64 deg S).

    What it all means, who knows!

  • Howard: Thank you for your kind words. Stick around and enjoy the website. I suspect you’ll like it also.

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