January 5, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold in two parts. Also embedded below the fold is a segment I did with John that aired on January 4th, interviewing the head of company that is on the cutting edge of some very interesting 3D printing technology. Watch this video to see. It looks like we getting closer and closer to Star Trek’s replicator.


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  • wayne

    Ref: the 3-D printing segment–

    The source chemicals for the polymers are best synthesized here on Earth, and as the cost to launch them keeps dropping, all the better. (The density is generally 1-3 x’s that of water, per unit.) It’s totally worth paying the ‘shipping’ cost, if you can value-add sufficient utility, out in Space.

    These chemicals aren’t overly difficult to synthesize, but it takes a lot of precise step-wise reactions to build them. Especially as the guy related, they are ‘fine tuned monomer’s,’ built to cure via precise UV light application. All that chemistry is best done on Earth for the near future.
    -We already have a massive infrastructure devoted to bulk synthesis of these intermediate/fine chemicals, here on earth. Which makes them relatively cheap.

    Very interesting stuff!

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