JAXA proposes Japan send humans to the Moon

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The new colonial movement: Japan’s space agency JAXA has proposed that Japan participate in a lunar manned mission to be flown by the 2030s.

The report is very vague. It suggests that Japan create such a mission, but also do it as part of a larger international effort, which presently doesn’t even exist.



  • LocalFluff

    I proposed to go to the Moon myself! Did you miss that announcement? Damn! And I didn’t even caught a tax yen for it. Better luck next lie.
    (Did I say the Moon? I meant Andromeda)

  • ken anthony

    By 2030 japan will just buy a ticket.

  • Dick Eagleson


    Quite possibly. The suspense will be whether they go via SpaceX or Blue Origin.

    At this point, the Japanese are talking about getting their people to NASA’s just-proposed cis-lunar gateway space station as a jumping-off point from which to go down to the lunar surface. I suspect:

    (1) that said gateway will never be built by NASA, though it may be built by some private operator, but not necessarily where NASA intends to put it.

    (2) that the entire trip will be made on commercially provided hardware and that the lunar surface destination will be a mainly – perhaps even a wholly – commercial affair.

    I also suspect that the real reason for this sudden Japanese interest in the Moon has more to do with China’s announced plans to put their own people on the lunar surface by 2036 than anything else. I think the Japanese want to steal a march on the Chinese and be the first Asian nation to have its nationals set foot on Luna.

  • LocalFluff

    “I think the Japanese want to steal a march on the Chinese and be the first Asian nation to have its nationals set foot on Luna.”

    Oh, they are very far from that. Completely noncompetitive launchers. Tiny experiences of human space flight. And China will bring a sample home from the Moon this year already!

    When JAXA, ESA, Roscosmos talks, I admire their enthusiasm, but words without action never to heaven go, to paraphrase Shakespeare and look educated.

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