Jeff Bezos to spend $10 billion on “climate change”

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Jeff Bezos yesterday announced that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own money on “climate change,” awarding grants to “scientists, activists and nonprofits.”

“I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change,” Bezos said in the post.

I wonder if has any idea what he means by “climate change.” From this and other quotes, I would guess he does not. Instead, it appears his knowledge of the climate field is similar to most leftist politicians and activists, superficial and based on slogans and soundbite claims.

Meanwhile, this story suggests that a good portion of the $4.6 billion he has gotten by cashing out his Amazon stock in the past few years will go to this initiative, rather than his space company Blue Origin.


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  • Sounds like a PC tax shelter.

  • Gary

    There is something wrong when abject idiots like Bezos can become so rich.

  • Lee S

    “I wonder if has any idea what he means by “climate change.””
    As the richest man in the world, and one who has built that massive wealth himself, one can only assume he has a reasonable amount of wits about him, and some fairly competent advisers.
    As I have stated many times before, it is blatently obvious we are having an effect on our planet… Not just with climate, but plastics, re-concentration of metals, hormones in water supply. Etc, etc…
    I am too tired to continue, I just wrote a whole paragraph with caps lock on, I’ve deleted it and I’m not even going to defend my statement, you guys know what I think, I know what you think…
    I HATE that scientists have massaged data to fit their models, science is only science if fact based and methodical… But I believe climate change is real, I believe it wouldnt take much of a twist to end civilization as we know it.
    Bezos wanting to pump a few billion of his made in America, self earned dollars into something he believes in seems like his own business. And as this venture can do very little harm, and has the potential to do an unimaginable amount of good (should the believers in an impending climate catastrophe be correct..) what is the problem?

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    You to can have your moments of rational thought process just like some of my friends.

    The reality in reality probably stands somewhere between the extremists and what you must agree is their Globalist political narrative agenda that would mandate all Americans and everyone else on the planet to surrender their sovereignty and freedoms, and nothing, no effects at all.

    Clean the environment of plastics and pollutions of all kinds? Sure, absolutely, we are doing that now. Can we do more? Sure, and so I support that whole heartedly.

    Burn fossil fuels in a cleaner and more efficient manner? Sure, absolutely, we do that now and we are developing new technologies to do that even better over time.

    Develop new energy technologies to wean off of fossil fuels? Sure, absolutely, we are doing that now.

    My point here is your fear of life on earth being at a tipping point where we are no longer going to exist is IMO catastrophizing your existence and that is a function of the media pumping that political agenda of fear that insists on absolute control. See: Bloomberg, Hillary, Obama, Romney etc. and China.

    I have myself eliminated plastic bags in my own operation because I see the issue of plastics and pollution in the environment as a valid issue that bridges both political party’s. And my customers across the board are on board with me.

    Politics and issues like this are pure and simple psychological operations and are used to create fear and guilt in a segment of the populous in order to acquire power, plain and simple. And you recognizing the political manipulations and data manipulation that some “scientists” appear to be through evidence participating in is fraudulent, corrupt and dangerous. All with the best intentions I am sure ;)

    I hope that my words have to some degree given you a more balanced view of what in deed is underway in our country and in the world. Sans a 2 plus mile wide asteroid striking the earth, and that is certainly possible and would do in short order what you fear, life on planet earth will somehow slog on and we will survive in spite of ourselves and the selfish and ignorant things that we partake in.

    IMO anyway.

  • Edward

    From the article: “The online retailer relies on fossil fuels to power planes, trucks and vans in order to ship billions of items all around the world.

    Does this mean that if these same items were shipped by their manufacturers that there would not be a large carbon footprint? And how about the fossil fuels that are used by the consumer in order to go to the store in order to pick up these very same items? Isn’t a single van that delivers to several houses on the same block more energy efficient than all those households driving a mile or more to the store — and back again — to buy the same items?

    Don’t get me wrong. I far prefer the brick and mortar store to the online thingy, but if we are going to discuss carbon footprints, then we all should be homebodies who buy very little (and don’t heat or cool our houses, or cook our food, or heat our water, or use powered appliances of any kind, or have running water), and for what little we do buy, we should order online using the five-day-ground option for delivery.

    Oh, and Lee S,
    Don’t worry too much about that effect that we are having on our Earth. Civilization has been facing Armageddon for a millennium, now, and is still no closer than it was back then. In fact, that dreaded, evil United States is cleaner now than it was half a century ago, while other countries with less free peoples have dirtied, rather than cleaned, their environments. Except where the U.S.’s EPA (Environmental Pollution Agency) dumped multiple millions of gallons of toxic waste into America’s western river system; no punishment or disincentive for those government guys.

    What do we get when governments are in charge? More pollution. What do we get when We the People are in charge? Less pollution, because we are free to care about our environment, and governments couldn’t care less about it.

    On the other hand, the Moon does not have a polluted atmosphere or polluted water, so I can see why some people think we should move there (because we certainly would not pollute either). Mars does not have polluted water, but the EPA declared CO2 to be a pollutant, a few years ago, so its atmosphere is almost entirely pollution. We must have lived there in the past, unless that is natural pollution (is nature a polluter?).

    Terraforming Mars would be bad, obviously, because — you know — climate change.

  • Randy

    There are alot better minds than mine here.What do we know about Earths climate…
    It Changes, Wow.That is what we know.What we dont know is Why we are even here
    in the first place.Who gave us the brains that found fossil fuels..and found unsanitary
    or polluted water were detrimental to us.? No one has died from the fuel plants
    require…believe me lots of money is being spent on this (c02) rather than the people
    affected by the Earths undulating cycles in a Vain exercise of power.We are and have
    alway`s been a unique part of nature.We can obliterate humanity with a push of a
    button and a Solar Flare or asteroid could do the same.The more we think we know
    the bigger idiots we become.We are a part of nature and indebted…

  • Chris

    Lee S: Kudos to you for reconsidering and turning the caps off…. Let the debate continue.

  • Dick Eagleson

    A couple decades ago Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to the U.N. I’m sure Bezos’s $10 billion will prove every bit as helpful to the world as Ted Turner’s billion.

  • Andi


    “that dreaded, evil United States is cleaner now than it was half a century ago, ”

    … is very true. I remember those smog-filled days.

    Tom Lehrer put it very concisely that half-century ago…

    “Pollution” —

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