Jewish kindergarten denied insurance because too many Muslims live nearby

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What does this teach us? A Jewish kindergarten in Brussels was denied insurance this week because the insurance company thought the risk of a terrorist attack — in a city whose population is now 25% Muslim — was too great.

Those evil 4 year olds! Threatening the religion of peace by simply existing! How dare they!



  • Cotour

    Anyone who doubts exactly who is currently under attack look no further than numbers, they do not lie.

    An insurance company only looks at numbers related to cost and risk, there in lies truth.

  • Cotour

    The solution to this situation?

    Corrupt them with the freedom and respect for the individual contained within the American Constitution and capitalism.

  • pzatchok

    All of Europe is in trouble.

    Very great trouble.

    We are into the second Muslim conquest and no one even knows it.
    This is pretty much how it happened last time.
    Then a single city fell to conquest and the devout moved out into the rest of the nation over the course of a few short years until taking over power in the whole nation was no longer risky. They had enough population to ensure they would not be persecuted.
    At first they just wanted equality.
    Then they wanted representation.
    Then they wanted their own laws and courts.
    Then they wanted the capital and the leadership.

    At anytime during this ‘peaceful’ conquest they can use force and intimidation to quiet any protests. Plus the peoples own guilt against themselves.

    At what point in this line of conquest are they at now?

  • Jwing

    History repeats itself for those who don’t remember and head its lessons. Do you remember the Armenians?

    This April 15th will mark the 100 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 2 million Orthodox, Catholic and Protestan Christian living in Turkey at the start of WWI. Those young Turks pusued their ideology of Pan-Turkihism while Western nations were too busy fighting eachother and knowingly indifferent.

    It was the first mass genocide of the 20 century and the world knew about it and did nothing. Sound familiar? Learning his lessons in the systematic extermination of an entire people from the Turks, Hitler exhorted, “Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?”

  • PeterF

    Remind me, who was our commander in chief during this genocide? Does he happen to be the progressives favorite president? A contemporary and good buddy of George Bernard Shaw? The one who gave us the IRS?

  • Jwing

    Hmmm….League of Nations, Income Tax, 17th Amendment, Eugenics Society…that would be Woody Wilson.

  • Alexey

    How, exactly US president was able to prevent mass killings in Turkey? Why, exactly, US turned to self proclaimed world cop on volunteer basis? Nothing like this in US constitution, i guess only foreigners read this valuable document.

  • Robert

    How then do you figure that the USA was in Europe fighting WW1?

  • PeterF

    I seriously doubt we could have prevented the genocide. We couldn’t prevent the one in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc, etc, etc. Wilson’s culpability lies in remaining silent when faced with the fact. Although he did draw the new world order map of the middle east that has caused so much death and destruction for the Arabs recently. So maybe he did screw them after all…

  • Jwing

    Exactly…it’s almost as if Hussein Obama is helping in every way he can to rebuild the Ottoman Empire that ended as a result of WWI as the map in the Middle East was redrawn by those mean white western colonialists.
    Don’t worry, this Iranian deal will work out just fine say the White House. (Anyone understand taqiyya?!)

  • Tom Billings

    That did not happen until there was a direct threat against the US, …the Zimmerman Telegram, …and its confirmation by FM Zimmerman. As horrible as it was, the slaughter of the Armenians threatened few, if any, US citizens.

  • Tom Billings

    Not quite the Ottoman Empire. Rather, he is helping to build the new imperial Caliphate, with its HQ in Teheran. Persians have no truck with Turks, or Arabs, whenever they are not forced to it. The ascendancy of a Shia Caliphate, similar to what happened under the Fatimids, but from the East instead of from Africa, is what Obama is potentiating. That is why SA, Egypt, and other Sunni tyrannies are fighting to keep Iranian clients from power right next to the Bab El Mandab, in Yemen.

  • Edward

    Alexey wrote:
    > Why, exactly, US turned to self proclaimed world cop on volunteer basis?

    I think that we are now seeing what happens when there is no yard duty on the playground. Everyone begins to fight with each other. It is as though the lessons of peace that were learned through the blood of millions in the 20th century have been lost on this president. He has failed to realize that when no one is there to keep them in check, the world’s leaders revert to fighting among themselves, just as happened in the centuries that lead up to WWI.

    The US was asked (by the League of Nations and the UN) to lead world peace, and we were kept in check by world opinion. We can only lead if we are seen by the followers as benevolent, and our culture, formed from all parts of the world, puts us in a unique position in all of history to be such a leader.

    Our president is squandering the leadership that the world needs. World opinion is turning against us, as we no longer fulfill the role of peacekeeper, and the result is the unrest that looks similar to the unrest we saw a century ago.

    As a last thought, I find it most interesting that the insurance companies fear one religion, but they do not fear the other(s). I think that says something important. I wonder if the people of Brussels think something similar.

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