Jews attacked in Germany

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The evil returns: In Germany a synagogue is firebombed and a rabbi gets death threats merely because they are Jewish.

As one commenter at the website above explained when another commenter asked for an explanation of anti-semitism, “An example of anti-Semitism is where people in the middle east are shooting at each other and an uninvolved Jewish man in Wuppertal gets death threats because of it.”

Reading the comments and the amount of childish hate that exudes from too many of them will certainly depress you.


One comment

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I have a question: How is that Liberals/Leftists, who see White “racism” against Blacks EVERYWHERE, especially if we even so much as criticize a Black politician on the basis of their policies, are completely blind to OBVIOUS ethnic/religious hatred of the Jewish people ?? How can these same people, who claim to be so aware & sensitive to ANY kind of racism, turn around & ignore the fact that Hamas & most of radical Islam openly declare their desire to wipe Israel & every Jew off the face of the Earth ?? It’s a terrible thing to discriminate against someone because of their skin color or religious beliefs. It is absolutely wrong to deny them a right, or refuse to hire them because of it. But how much worse is it to burn with abject hatred, to want to wipe out an entire people because you hate them so much? Somehow, these Leftists are unable to admit that this is the very worst form of racism there is – hatred so strong, they’re willing to sacrifice their own children & do great damage to their own people as long as they could succeed in wiping out the Jews ??

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