John Glenn has passed away at 95

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R.I.P. John Glenn.



  • Orion314

    Another of my childhood heros gone, loved him as an Astronaut, not so much as a politician ,

  • wayne

    Ditto on that thought.

    A very nice clip–
    John Glenn in Orbit
    Episode 5: Discovery Channel “Rocket Science”

  • Joe

    God spead, John Glenn!

  • Garry

    My understanding is that he was not well liked by his fellow astronauts, because he acted like a politician even then. He apparently was very well liked by Ted Williams (they flew missions together in Korea).

    In both cases I find myself not liking the personality, but greatly admiring their courage (for flying combat missions; I’m not one to call athletes heroes for what they do in sport). Imagine what kind of guts it took to be the first American to orbit the earth.

    God speed, indeed!

  • wayne

    Mark Levin is devoting his entire first segment to Glenn tonight.
    Very compelling and detailed story, with a lot of factoids I never knew about.

  • wayne

    Levin is also talking to Alan Sheppard’s grandson!

  • Jim Jakoubek

    With the passing of John Glenn the Mercury 7 now belong to history.

    God speed to them. Brave men all.

  • Chris R

    Love or hate, like or dislike the politics or personality – an incredibly important figure in our great nation’s history.

    Besides – it was important to play politicks in NASA if you want to be the first at anything.

  • There’s a time for everyone, but still a loss to see another aerospace pioneer cleared for final approach.

    To Chris R:

    Part of the reason Armstrong was picked to be first on the Moon was his humility and perceived lack of ‘political’ ambition.

  • Gealon

    2016 continues it’s rampage, even in it’s waning hours. This year can’t be over fast enough.

  • LocalFluff

    President-elect lauds John Glenn three+ minutes into his last Thank You campaign speech in Des Moines. “… continue to push new frontiers in science, technology and space.” And applause! He reads it off the teleprompter and stumbles on the word “spacecraft”, then as he usually does when his tongue stumbles, he disguises it by immediately letting himself be interrupted by the audience somehow. It doesn’t seem as if his heart is into this, but at least he reads and says that human space flight is great. And these transition days are good for him to be reminded about space.

    If he wants to untie old knots of irrational political correctness, nuclear power and nuclear propulsion in space would be a big one for the science community which seems to be 90% anti-Trump today, judging from those who dare utter a public opinion on the topic. People don’t even contemplate nuclear space because it is assumed to be a waste of time for irrational political reasons. Maybe Trump revolution will break that taboo and unleash a great space boom simply by allowing the rational technology to be used. This is how a non-PC president easily can solve many societal problems, and it seems to me be what Trump intends to do. Nuclear space yes or no should be a very easy question for him to answer the right way.

  • Insomnius

    We lose another one of
    Humanity’s Pioneers.
    Let’s hope we don’t lose them all.

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