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Video below the fold. I would laugh except that I am crying instead. This video illustrates with actual footage what today’s modern left is all about.



  • hondo

    It is so difficult to take them seriously. I’m retired Army. I grew up on concrete mean streets in Brooklyn around your era Bob.
    I sometimes wonder if this is all a “Be Che For A Day” festival.
    What I see is a collection of beta-males fired up on caffeine and sugar drinks, accompanied by shrill hysterical females (?). I don’t even want to go near the ensemble of the gender(s) confused.
    Is that it? It’s not lost on me that they exercise their bravery within the confines of their ultra-blue enclaves.
    Snowflake is an understatement.
    the Emperor (the left) does indeed have no clothes.

  • Cotour

    And so what?

    This is an example of science used to continue and pump the fear (in the snowflakes) and the general public’s subconsciousness. May, might, could, will eventually, could be disastrous etc, etc. These scientific study’s that the media takes and polishes and reformulates and turns into the next block buster, mega disaster…………….that no one could do a damn thing about even if they wanted to. There may be millions of earth killing asteroids within orbital striking distance that we do not even know about……so what?

    Ignorance is bliss, especially when what you have discovered is far beyond any living things ability to control or influence in any way shape or form for the most part. It does not mean that there should not be research but the story lines that are created related to them border on abuse IMO.

    Sex and fear sells, and the media must continue to do what it does, to all our disadvantage in many cases, this story above being one of them.

  • Mitch S.

    A bit off topic but not entierly.
    i think some people hear might see the irony, if not the humor in the following article about the russian spy ship off Connecticut.
    Notice how the old hands brush it off as they know this stuff has been going on for decades.
    But the Dem politicians have to spin it as if this is all because of Trump – even though they damn well know better.
    And then there are the snowflakes wondering if they should pull their kids out of school…

  • wayne

    This guy has a few other video that are fairly good.

    A most excellent point!
    These people have no clue, and no historical perspective.
    They all act like the World started, the day they were born.

  • Mitch S

    Yikes my typos were bad in the above post!
    Pretend I typed:
    “A bit off topic but not entirely.
    I think some people here might see the irony”

    I do tend to miss caps for some letters because my keyboard’s shift key is stingy.

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