Juan Williams firing by NPR

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Defund them! NPR’s firing of Juan Williams yesterday is another demonstration that this leftwing news organization has no tolerance for free speech. One of the first things the new Congress should do is end all funding to this corrupt propaganda machine.

Sorry I have been late in posting about this story. I would like to say more, but I have an article for Sky & Telescope that must be finished by tomorrow.



  • LINO

    Free Speech is great—but it doesn’t avoid reaction to the thoughts expressed.

    I thought Juan’s comments were a bit ironic.

    As most people in American prisons are African American, couldn’t you feel uncomfortable (and justifiably so) walking in a neighborhood populated by African Americans?

    And what about that Bernie Madoff? He makes me itchy.

  • Kelly Starks

    Seeing articles on this all over. Both right and left wingers are shocked with how blatent this was.

    One news report mentioned how a couple other high profile NPR folks said the world would be a better place if Christians believing in the rapture, one general who said Bush was a godsent – were dead. Another suggested if there was a god he’ld give Jessy helms or one of his grandchildren AIDS. They were not disciplined.

    Theres call for a Congressional hearing on cutting the rest of NPR’s federal funds.

    One article is wondering if its a coincidence that George increased funding of NPR and some other liberal groups, and focus on “balancing against things like Fox news” had something to do about it.

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