July 5, 2016 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. Not only did we talk about Juno and other recent science news, we also discussed the absurd banning of Doug Messier from the NasaSpaceFlight.com website.



  • Willi

    Is John as cool a dude as he seems to be?

  • wayne

    Willi: Batchelor is a great conversationalist, always well-prepared & genuinely interested in the topic at hand. (there is a short video on youtube, where he explains how he chooses his theme music, and challenges the listener to figure out where it came from. )

    Good show, and especially enjoyed the nasa space flight dot com people getting called out on a national radio show.

    I absolutely disagree with Doug Messier on the “climate change thing,” but I certainly do not want the man shut down, in any way, shape, or form.
    >Spent some time at his website over the weekend & saw him (on TV) at the Juno-Jupiter insertion press-conference asking questions. I’m relatively poorly equipped to judge his Space-reporting, but it appears straightforward.

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