July’s violence against pro-live protesters.

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Leftwing civility: July’s violence against pro-live protesters.

  • An pro-life activist’s home was vandalized, including having a rock thrown through the front door in the middle of the night.
  • A 69-year-old pro-life volunteer was attacked while collecting petition signatures, fracturing his hip.
  • Another protester was shoved and injured while passing out fliers.
  • A homemade fire bomb was thrown at pro-life protesters praying in front of an abortion clinic.
  • Other pro-life protesters were threatened by the owner of an abortion clinic owner with a loaded gun.

I am not arguing for or against abortion. I am pointing out that there is increasing violence in the political arena, and it is almost all coming from the liberal and leftwing side. Worse, this violence is increasingly reminiscent of the brownshirts in Germany before World War II, attacking Jews and vandalizing their homes and businesses, in order to instill fear and wield power over others.

The article above focuses on how the media is not covering these attacks. I think it is even more important to call them for that they are: bigoted, hateful acts of violence intended to oppress those who disagree with them.



  • people are so passionate about abortion , my girlfriend works at an abortion clinic and tends to mix up things like right and left , sometimes she has met people that say they are pro life and in her head she thinks that is pro abortion like for the life of the woman who is pregnant , she says thats great i am too i work in an abortion clinic . haha it is crazy , anyway i agree i hope people can debate issues without becoming extreme and resorting to violence

  • wodun

    It would be nice if acts of violence from the left got any coverage in the media. They were all over OWS right up until the rapes and riots started happening.

    Having said that, I don’t always like the in your face protests from the pro life people but that isn’t an excuse for violence against them. And even though I disagree with much of the pro abortion crowd’s ideology, they should not be the victims of violence either.

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