Jupiter’s North Pole, as seen in infrared by Juno

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The Juno science team has released an animation that shows, in infrared and in three dimensions, the storms of Jupiter’s north pole.

The link has three videos. One shows the gas giant’s surprisingly irregular magnetic field, as found by Juno. The first and third show a low and a high fly-over of the north pole, in infrared. I have embedded both fly-overs below the fold. First watch the high fly-over, which is the first video. This will make the low fly-over more understandable as it flies over the eight smaller storms that encircle the pole’s central vortex.



  • Localfluff

    And Juno has imaged Io, the volcanic moon. Tidally volcanic moons like Io should be easily visible. The first exo-moons discovered might be more like Io than anything else. Because it emits light and is more visible, both in direct imaging and in high precision transiting measurements.
    <a href="https://twitter.com/_RomanTkachenko/status/983762538776092673"Io from Juno

    Io is the volcanic moon, Ganymede is the magnetic moon, Titan is the atmospheric moon, Triton is the captured moon. And the Moon is the Moon. They are individuals. Billions of years does that to objects. They all get on unique and unrepeatable development paths.

  • Localfluff


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