Jury rejects lawsuit by disgruntled former SpaceX employee

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A jury has ruled in favor of SpaceX and against a former employee who claimed he was fired because he complained about management and testing policies at the company.

Though it is hard to say what really happened, it does appear that, once given all the evidence, the jury agreed with SpaceX that the former employee was fired for good cause.



  • Dick Eagleson

    Based on the linked L.A. Times piece, it seems the plaintiff in this case, Mr. Blasdell, might have experienced the onset of paranoid schizophrenia during his period of employment at SpaceX.

  • wayne

    Yeah, I saw that nebulous paragraph…

    […”She referred to a psychological test performed by one of Blasdell’s experts, saying the results indicated that he “may have perceptions or thoughts contrary to what may be happening around” him. She also said that Blasdell was unproductive and that co-workers reported that his behavior would change “from highly agitated to calm in a few minutes.”…]

    Have my suspicions’, but I’d really have to read the actual transcript on this one. (and check the pharmacy records for this guy.)
    Certain factoids are undoubtedly being suppressed, this is the LA Times after all.

    Perfect segue to this little gem–

    Dancing Pigeons

  • Garry

    Also a good segue to this one as well

    Government Mule
    “Thorazine Shuffle”

  • wayne

    Good one!

    “Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine?”
    Harry The Hipster

  • wayne

    Awolnation –
    “Sail” (Live in studio)
    [ aka, “Blame it on my A.D.D.” ]

  • Garry

    I read somewhere that in the song “Sail,” “A.D.D” refers to “addiction to drinking and drugs.”

    It’s not my style, but I’ve always liked that song, because I first heard it as the perfect soundtrack for a crazy skydiving video.

    I’ve read heated arguments about different interpretations of the lyrics.

    I choose to interpret “sail” as harnessing the power of uncontrollable forces, which I consider a good approach towards many aspects of life (and dealing with people who are not quite in their right minds).

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