Justice Dept faulted for lack of progress in Awan IT scandal

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Working for the Democratic Party: The Justice Department has apparently worked to stall or stonewall the investigation into the Imran Awan IT hacking scandal that allowed Pakistani nationals access to secure computers of numerous Democratic congressmen.

The OIG [House Office of the Inspector General] alleged Imran Awan and his family members logged into servers of congressmen for whom they did not work, logged in using members’ personal usernames, covered their tracks, and continued to access data after they’d been fired.

Though the findings place the case squarely into the category of political cyber-crimes that have otherwise been high-profile priorities, the lead FBI agent assigned to the Awan case was a first-year agent, and not from one of the FBI’s big-guns divisions. The charges brought by prosecutors are so minor that Awan’s own lawyer speculated they could be a “placeholder” for future charges.

Server logs of government computers backed up the OIG’s findings. Yet six months after the initial charges, no additional counts have been brought, raising the question of whether the DOJ is seriously investigating the potential national security breach.

Read the whole article. It outlines in great detail how both the FBI and the Justice Department show no interest in prosecuting this case. The evidence is condemning, and it especially condemns Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which appears to have allowed the stonewalling to occur. Is he, and Trump, not legally in charge? Why have they sat on their hands and allowed this?



  • Cotour

    Trump specifically and Sessions by association are in ways frozen out of these issues for the moment. Trump, while being the president is seen as a purely partisan player and seen as attempting to create distraction from all of the “Russian collusion” that he and Putin were involved in (Keep smiling), and Sessions because he comes from the Senate and these are his people that he will be trying and jailing.

    If after the Inspector Generals report comes out in a couple of weeks Sessions does not kick into extreme search and destroy mode HE MUST BE FIRED and a new legal pit bull installed and Trump must ignore any concern about impropriety or partisanship and he must drive through and over them all. No matter the consequences.

    The politics of it all is about defanging the through evidence very effective Trump by creating all of these radioactive things that Trump must not ever go near, make him paranoid until his power is terminated in the 2018 election. That is what IMO is in the process of happening.

    If Sessions does not perform he must be terminated and replaced in short order.

    This is essentially a slow burn coup that is in process and Trump is being hobbled by this Mueller investigation that may be stalking him or may not be.

  • wayne

    I’m on record here as cutting Session’s a lot of slack so far, if for no other reason there are dozens of obama hold-overs at the DOJ that need to be fired long before before Sessions, and that Trump inexplicably appointed DeStefano –a Boehner acolyte and all around RINO–, as Director of Personnel, responsible for hiring thousand’s of executive branch replacements. (and let’s not forget Priebus had his fingers in the pie from day one.)

    As well– I like to think “it’s always a mole-hunt.” (but… “THEY” never fail to disappoint us all, at every turn, do they?)

    The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
    -initial briefing Clip-

    I’m just happy HRC won’t ever be President. Thank god for small miracles– that’s no small factoid. Everything else Trump does/doesn’t do, is pure gravy to me. We dodged a bullet, but the Usual RINO suspect’s are once again, blowing the opportunity at every turn.

  • Cotour

    “I’m just happy HRC won’t ever be President. Thank god for small miracles– that’s no small factoid. Everything else Trump does/doesn’t do, is pure gravy to me. We dodged a bullet, but the Usual RINO suspect’s are once again, blowing the opportunity at every turn.”

    Wayne, remember when when it was only me who spoke like that?

    Welcome, happy to have you on board. :)

  • wodun

    The national security aspects of this are horrendous and it doesn’t speak well of the DOJ that this isn’t being taken seriously.

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