Justice Dept inspector general says he has recovered missing texts

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The inspector general of the Justice Department has told the pertinent congressional committees that he has recovered the missing texts between two anti-Trump FBI investigators that the FBI had claimed were lost.

In a letter sent to congressional committees, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017. …Our effort to recover any additional text messages is ongoing,” Horowitz said. “We will provide copies of the text messages that we recover from these devices to the Department so that the Department’s leadership can take any management action it deems appropriate.”

Fox News has learned from U.S. government officials that the inspector general recovered the texts by taking possession of “at least four” phones belonging to Strzok and Page.

This quick recovery is proof to my mind that the initial claim by the FBI that the texts were lost was a lie. The FBI was stonewalling, and also hoping no one would push them about it, as had been the case with the Lois Lerner IRS emails that were so conveniently lost. Here, however, the people under attack are the politicians doing the investigation. They are not going to let this slide.

Expect some shocking revelations to come out in the coming weeks.



  • Cotour

    Drag them all kicking and screaming to the precipice, and once they are pushed over the edge and all begin to helplessly hurtle down the hill due to the gravity of it all then there will be some measure of justice and we can all continue on our way, all very much wiser.

    IT approaches.

  • Orion314

    I now kind of understand how the Italians feel when they were always at war with the mafia. It took them forever, but they finally , managed to have some mass trials on that subject. Here in the MAGA, we face a much larger enemy. The USG vs the USG. SO MANY BLACKHATS, so few whitehats. Seeing HRC , OBAMA, and Podesta ( all of them) in handcuffs / behind bars, is a fantasy I hold in equal value of winning the lottery. We need to view this battle with the same consideration as the Civil War
    (the ultimate oxymoron) and WWII . IF HRC had won, this country would be doomed for sure. Frankly, the fact that Trump won made me re examine my faith in God. It was a chance we badly needed .Good luck to us all, the civil war of the federal govt rages on…

  • Orion314

    “How do you make a USG worker laff”?
    Tell them they work for the taxpayer….

  • Kirk

    RZ> This quick recovery is proof to my mind that the initial claim by the FBI that the texts were lost was a lie.

    I know you’ll think me naive, but I view this recovery as consistent with earlier reports which said that text messages had not been archived the way they should have been due to misconfiguration of devices or software and that they would attempt to recover them with forensic tools. Now they have done so.

    It seems as if half the people I know are seeing Russians hidden behind every bush and the other half is convinced that there is an active coup attempt underway. Each hysteria feeds the other and both are dangerous.

  • Cotour


    To your point about reexamining you faith in God.

    There is a story about G. Washington when he was faced with the very powerful British army in New York harbor. Having to get away and cross the river to the safety of Brooklyn there strangely became a fog that provided cover and allowed he and his fellows their opportunity. History is populated with many similar examples of coincidence (?). If he was unable to retreat, we more than likely would not be having this conversation today. Washington was THE key man in winning the revolutionary war.

    Timing is everything in life and who’s to say that there is not at certain times a bit of help here and there when needed? The universe is a very strange place.

    Has Trump been in training his entire life for the roll that he plays today? Is this his (and our) destiny? If not him, then who? I can not identify anyone with the down and dirty skills and single minded American visionary ability necessary to do what must be done at this particular time in history.

    So who’s to say?

  • Orion314

    Cotour , thanks! , as always , your posts are always worth reading.If you want to check out a story that makes the Uranium one scandal , look like a pleasant day at Disneyland, check out Project Pelican. EVERYONE!!!! CHECK OUT PROJECT PELICAN.
    I just learned of this now under Voice America on youtube.

  • Cotour


    Yes, Obama was involved in the “Big Reset”. His charge was to re structure the power balance in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia to Iran and help surrender America to the New World Order / Globalism. This from what we can detect is in the process of now being undone by Trump. Obama has been the highest level Anti American operative to have ever be placed through a long invested in sleeper operation IMO.

    This will all be revealed in the coming months and years, although half of the country will choose to not believe it even though it will be demonstrated through evidence. Obama was just a poser doing what he was told, and some call him a leader. I just laugh when I hear that.

    (Thanks for the compliment)

  • Cotour


    These things being revealed to you up until this point have been unbelievable? You think that “Project Pelican”, the FBI and the DOJ actively working to install one candidate and then to remove a justly installed one, Uranium One and $145 million to the facilitator of the deal, a candidate who dared to so control her communications as to become a security risk in the interests of the furtherance of her illegal and seditious activities, the media taking the positions that they have taken?

    All very unbelievable things that WERE unbelievable and now are being revealed to be true. What else that has happened in past history, both recent and long ago that was sooooo unbelievable? Can you think of anything? Do you intend to reconsider how you understand history and what the limits of ambition of the human animal is? Even related to our own government?

    Time to step back and objectively think.

  • Kirk: If this had been the only example of crucial evidence, in the form of emails/texts, being lost, I would agree with you. However, this has now happened too many times, with the IRS and others, for me to remain sympathetic. I now suspect foul play all the time, which by the way is actually the right approach when you are dealing with politicians and the government employees that work for them.

  • ken anthony

    So who’s to say?

    Statistics? In any given case you just have one example. Even in a statistically valid sample each is just one case.

    So my position is never to presume, However, I’m free to question what I believe.

    What I don’t understand is how the media can ignore any bias they find discomforting.

  • Commodude

    The quick recovery of the texts was, IMHO, due to the fact that the public is far more technologically informed that they’d like us to be, and realize that there’s not such thing as truly “lost” data once something hits the cloud.

  • Jim Jakoubek

    The one thing I am really liking right now is that after all the belly aching over the years that we need an
    outsider to come to Washington and clean house, we finally have one and he is doing exactly that.

    Slowly but surely the swamp is being drained and the establishment is now beginning to realize that not only
    will the President give as good as he gets, he is smart enough to throw out those tweets that have the media
    and the Democrats occupied while he does his thing.

    Only one year in and the corner is being turned. How long ago was it when Barak the Magnificent was lecturing us
    about how business owners never built anything? One year under Trump its quite the different story and they are
    losing their minds.

    Keep it up Democrats! You are already reduced to nothing more than a regional party and you still keep on thinking
    that you have the upper hand. The louder you scream the better because you have learned nothing from the elections
    of 2010, 2012, 2014 and oh yes, 2016 and you think you have the upper hand in 2018. Keep thinking that!

  • Cotour

    Love him or hate him, Alex has been at the tip of the spear in regards to these “crazy” now turning out to be very true story’s and plots. Here Gerome Corsi adds some interesting details about the unfolding of the dismantling of the Leftist / Globalist operation.


    Does anyone reading this doubt the possibility that these plans were well under way? I do not based on my observation of Obamas un American and anti American actions while in office and understanding that his schooling was “Invested in” by Prince Bin Talal and that the Clintons were next in line to finish the job. (Just to keep it simple)

    Corsi decodes messages from an internet entity named QANON who is rumored to be an inside white hat player or players transmitting in coded messages right on the edge information about what is going on and will be going on. If nothing else it is interesting to read, Corsi, who is a serious investigator thinks he / she or it is the real deal.

    Q says that Sessions is “good”. We wait and see, maybe after the memo release.

    “MAKE THE LIE BIG”, A HITLER, (No one will believe it until its too late. A quote I have been using for a long time now).

  • ken anthony

    We’ve got to absolutely stop giving benefit of the doubt to the criminal political operatives. They have commuted numerous felonies and gotten a pass at every turn. This is insanity.

    Trump has one major problem. He is too nice. If only he was a bit more of what his accusers claim him to be.

    Given the chance, they would publicly skin Trump to death while gloating about it. These are not people to give an inch to. It’s time to fire them and indict them and publicly disgrace them so thoroughly that they never even imagine doing it again.

    Those worried about being destroyed by the media don’t realize how fragile the media is. Destroy them along with all the rest of the criminals. The people are ready to provide support for this including arresting all protesters than violently oppose free speech. Thuggery is not free speech.

    Fight or die America. They will not quit until you have no power left.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    These are not people for which an inch, should ever be given.

    (Personally, I advocate extremely harsh measures. The coup, is already in progress.)

    Postmodern NeoMarxism: Diagnosis and Cure
    Jordan Peterson, June 2017

  • Cotour

    Ken Anthony:

    Please read Corsi’s article, the Democrat party is about to take a hard fall because of everything that you fear and that you knew they were up to to be true. The memo is a damning document backing up everything else that we all know as fact and thats what we know about in the public realm, never mind the political realm of top secret information that we will never see. From Obama on down they will all be in need of criminal lawyers. Where it goes exactly I am uncertain about but it will have its major consequences.

    By the time of the mid term elections the new tax law will have taken effect and when people see real money in their pay checks, and their IRA’s pumped, and a new immigration policy, and a wall being readied to be built ,and black unemployment at its lowest IN HISTORY, and fearful immigrants feel safe, and all of the treachery within the Democrat party is being revealed and there is a president willing to call out the Democrat party and identify that they actually offer nothing but dependency and modern day slavery and disrespect, then we will see how the mid term elections go.

    And even if the worst case scenario went down, Trump is impeached, he will never be removed from office because you need 67 votes in the Senate to remove a president. Never happen. Not ideal, but will never happen.

    So when you war game this moment in history how do we reasonably see the trajectory of American politics? By the mid term elections the black support for Trump will realistically be at around 20%. If that were to happen the Democrat party will be over, illegal immigrants or not.

    No one wants to kill the golden goose, and Trump will be valued as that golden goose especially when people see real results that serve their own self interests and the political discussion is not some ethereal conversation located in a cloud somewhere over Washington that they have no connection to, they will be the conversation.

  • Cotour

    Ken Anthony:

    Take heart, ITS COMING.


    Yes its FOX, but like Alex they have been on these particular issues from the jump. And they are being proven to be accurate through evidence.

  • ken anthony

    Encouraging video Cotour, but I’m waiting for results. Guilt is is hugely beyond obvious. Penalties never touch the people it should.

  • Mitch S.

    I heard a bit of Rush Limbaugh today.
    He was talking to a young woman who was unsure if the recent FBI texts were more significant than the Russia probes.
    Rush asked her where she got her news and she admitted that she has limited time and gets it from CNN, Twitter etc.
    BTW if you want to know how to talk to a liberal, particularly a young one, listen to that show (podcast).
    Rush was polite, patient and really listened and responded to what she said. Such calls are where Limbaugh rises above the vast majority of talkers.

    But my point is that there are a huge number of people that get their news from the NYT, CNN, NPR, MSNBC etc. They have no idea who Strozk or Page are, or what the texts are about other than perhaps some nonsense distraction created by the Republicans.
    They still think the Starr investigation/Clinton impeachment was due to sleazy Republicans obsessed with sex.
    While there are obvious (and shocking) violations of the law, ultimately it comes down to politics.
    Just as it was with Clinton – the Republicans impeached him, he was clearly guilty of perjury but he remained in office and remained a hero/power broker.

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