Kansas Republicans forbid welfare recipients from buying luxury items

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We’re here to help you! In order to prevent welfare recipients in Kansas from using their welfare checks improperly, state Republicans have placed a $25 per day limit on benefits, and forbid the use of that money to buy anything in liquor stores, or from fortune tellers, swimming pools and cruise ships.

This is why you don’t depend on government, or ask them for help, or give them any power over you. As soon as you do, they stick their hands into your business and tell you how to live your life. It might be stupid for a poor welfare recipient to buy a ticket on a cruise ship, but damn it, it’s their life, they should be free to live it as they wish.

There is one benefit of this policy however. It might convince some recipients who can to get off welfare and go to work.


One comment

  • pzatchok

    Stupid law.

    In Ohio they can not spend EBT moneys on AFT items. Basically just food.
    ‘Welfare’ cash can be stent on anything. But normally its spent on rent and transportation. Clothing of course.

    But limiting it to25 bucks a day is stupid.
    How do they buy anything but a package of socks and a set of flip-flops at once when buying cloths? Or pay rent, Auto insurance or even gas? How much is a monthly bus pass?

    Yep, just handing ammo to those who preach ALL republicans, conservatives and right thinking people are hate mongers. Trying to keep the minorities down.

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