Kepler finds exoplanets orbiting dwarf stars

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Worlds without end: In its second life with a limited pointing capability, Kepler has still managed to find more than 700 possible exoplanet candidates, a majority of which are orbiting dwarf M and K stars and are smaller than Neptune.



  • wayne

    Nice companion video from the Silicon Valley Astronomy folks, from May 2016:

    “Finding a New Earth: Exoplanets and the Habitable Zone”
    Dr. Stephen Kane (San Francisco State University)

  • wayne

    Dr Kane’s website:
    The Habitable Zone Gallery

    He has tracking data on 2,869 planets in 2,174 star systems.
    As of August, he estimates their are 93 planets with orbits entirely within the habitable zone.
    He has plots, tables, and movies on every one of these.

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