“Kill the police!”

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Fascists: Anti-Trump protesters chant death threats to cops in Indianapolis while protests in Portland go violent.

I seem to remember the press and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) making a big deal prior to the election about how Donald Trump and the Republicans had to accept the election results if they lost to show that they respected the Constitution and our democracy. We now see that such demands only applied to the right. The left however is under no requirement, and in fact only considers an election valid if it wins.

And before anyone whines to me about how mean I am for calling these protesters fascists, I think they first must explain to me how this violent behavior differs from that of the Nazi brownshirts who made it party policy to riot when they lost and to violently attack anyone who opposed them. As far as I can tell, there is no difference. And here are a few more stories to illustrate the point:



  • wodun

    The term left and right as used in politics today, and in global definitions of different sides, is meaningless.

    an advocate or follower of fascism.
    synonyms: authoritarian, totalitarian, autocrat, extreme right-winger, rightist; More

    In the American system, totalitarianism, autocracy, and authoritarianism are all left wing causes.

    It is the exact opposite as when the terms left/right were coined in the French Revolution when freedom was on the left and authoritarianism was on the right. Using that definition, Republicans are actually leftists and Democrats are right wing.

    This causes a lot of confusion when talking about politics in the USA and with people in the rest of the world.

    I don’t know how to judge European media calling some group right wing because there is a good chance they are talking about a group that is actually left wing from an American perspective.

    What we are seeing now from the Democrats, the current administration, and how a President Hillary would have rules, is literal fascism. Total government control over everything, especially businesses without actually having the government own the means of production.

  • Edward

    It is when those who determine the definitions are way too far to the left that they consider fascists and totalitarians to be right wing.

    Under all conditions, the right of center believes that individuals should be more empowered compared to the power of those who govern, and the left believes that the individual is not responsible enough to be more empowered compared to those who govern.

    The ultimate right end of the spectrum is anarchy, in which no governance exists and everyone is well behaved (good, responsible behavior being necessary for liberty to work).

    The ultimate left end of the spectrum is slavery.

    Which explains why slaveholders in America tended to be left-leaning (e.g. Democrats) and abolitionists tended to be right-leaning (joined with the Republicans, when that party was founded).

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