Language of bump stock ban could ban all semi-auto rifiles

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We’re here to help you! The vague language of the Republican legislation to ban bump stocks actually could be interpreted by the courts as banning all semi-automatic rifles.

The legislation, which was drafted by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Florida Republican, never bans bump stocks by name. Instead, the proposal bans any person from possessing or making any part that could be used to increase the rate of fire in any semi-automatic rifle. The lead co-sponsor on the gun control bill is Rep. Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts Democrat and U.S. Marines veteran who completed four tours of duty in Iraq.

“It shall be unlawful for any person … to manufacture, possess, or transfer any part or combination of parts that is designed to increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle,” the bill states. At no point does the proposed legislation specify a base rate of fire against which any illegal increases would be judged, a potentially fatal flaw in the bill’s drafting. As a result, the proposal arguably institutes a federal ban on any and all parts that would allow the gun to fire at all, since the mere ability to fire a semi-automatic weapon by definition increases its rate of fire from zero.

The design of semi-automatic weapons uses the recoil of the weapon generated by the gas explosion in the chamber when a round is fired to automatically chamber a new round, and prepare the weapon to be fired again. Because of this, any parts used in that process would likely be subject to the federal ban proposed in the Curbelo/Moulton bill, since they serve to increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic weapon. Gas tubes, gas blocks, buffer springs, magazines, charging handles, ejectors and extractors, and even triggers themselves could potentially be banned under the bipartisan bump stock ban language proposed by Curbelo and Moulton.

I am reminded of the old saying, “Marry in haste, regret in leisure.” This rush to pass any legislation here is misguided, foolish, and against the interests of everyone. It also once again demonstrates the servile stupidity of many Republicans in Congress, who seems always willing to bow to political pressure placed on them by the leftist press.



  • wayne

    Seth Moulton– has a Liberty Score of 6%. (Carlos Curbelo isn’t much better at 22%.)

    -In the Alternative Universe, Seth would have dies in Iraq and spared us all from his Mastermind Utopian Statist Fantasies. He could have been hero, now he’s just a scum-bag.

  • Cotour

    And what of trucks and cars? What of planes? What of kitchen knives and tea spoons?

    There is not one additional law that could have or would have prevented any psycho’s attack against any innocent, yesterday, today or in the future. Politicians are as useless as a tits on a bull, and even tits on a bull would be more useful at some level.

    What I am more interested in is actually nailing down what in fact went on in Vegas established by verified evidence. That seems to be a bit an amorphous entity at the moment.

  • wayne

    Ref the LV shooter–the authorities are definitely lying about something, I don’t know what, but they can’t help themselves–all they do is LIE.

    Ref: Seth Moulton—

    Brad Pit makes a new deal with Hans Landa

  • wodun

    I think bump stocks fall under existing regulations regarding automatic weapons. You don’t need any new law, just have ATF treat items that mimic automatic weapons they same as they treat automatic weapons.

  • Cotour

    I believe that the bump stock avoids regulation because the device is not a part of or does not interact directly with the trigger mechanism, its a sliding part of the stock and if I understand it properly it utilizes the action of the rifle to assist the finger to actuate the trigger effecting a rapid auto like fire rate.

  • Joe

    I agree with Wayne, the authorities are lying to us, timelines keep changing, none of this makes any sense!

  • C Cecil

    The term ‘possessing’ is what every American, regardless of your attitude on firearm ownership, should be very concerned about. When congress makes you a criminal for having something that was purchased legally, for lawful purposes, look out. Are they going to fully reimburse you for your investment? Remember all the disarmed people in World War II for example that were killed, no way to fight back. I hope this bill never makes it out of committee. Want to save lives? Ban alcohol and psychotropic drugs.

  • Phill O

    More laws and regulations and government oversight is required…… : for Hollywood! They have let sexual misconduct run rampant.

  • Commodude

    I don’t think they’re lying, I think they’re succumbing to the pressure to get the story out there NOW, correct or not. It’s a damnable tendency of modern reporting to rush to get the story out, and it puts pressure on the ones who they’re reporting on as well.

    Back off, get it right, and shut up until you do.

  • ken anthony

    The ship of liberty sailed a long time ago. All that’s left is the pop corn.

  • pzatchok

    Well thats one way to make shoe laces illegal.

    I know of at least one way to make a string do the same thing as the bunp stock.

  • Gary M.

    We are only one new law away from total bliss.

    Laws are always second best to ethics, morals, and civil virtue. Make all the laws you want. Perhaps our time and effort are best spent working on that first best stuff. Alas there will always be a few that don’t get the message.

  • Phill O

    I do not believe there is any law that can be passed and enforced to stop such a disaster.

    Trump yesterday reference a manner to deal with it effectively: treat the human condition. The left does not want this; they want the freedom the be Harvey Weinstein! We all knew that sort of thing ran rampant in Hollywood. Maybe now the principle the left has been criticizing the right for, will be invoked on the left. Using their own arguments against them is a good thing IMO.

  • wayne

    I get your point and am not wholly unsympathetic.

    I did go back and watch the various news-conferences from the LV Sherriff; he’s a weasel, he answers with weasel words & phrases. (Does he have a law degree? he lies like a lawyer.)
    He even admits he’s “trying to calm the population,” with his answers. He wants to mediate reality for us all.

    I don’t expect instant-information. If he doesn’t know something as a fact, just say “I don’t know.” (This is no way to manage a crisis. And unfortunately in these situations, the Case against the perpetrator never gets played out in Court.)

    Now he’s taking it all personally, he’s defensive and evasive, and a weasel.

    On the flip-side, reporters ask him stupid questions and he wants to be loved by the press so much, he provides stupid answers, which he has to walk back.

    Oh what a web we weave…

  • Mitch S

    The LV sheriff may not be a lawyer but he is a politician – it’s an elected office.

  • Cotour

    Does anyone here remember something called “Fast and furious”?

    Where the FBI covertly “suggested” that gun dealers close to the border allow straw purchases of 2000 + high powered weapons to Mexican cartel operatives. Anyone?

    Q: Why did paddock have 23 high powered weapons in his hotel room?

    I can understand maybe 2 or even 3 high powered weapons to do his evil deed, one primary, one or two back ups, a couple of hand guns and lots of ammo, but not 23 rifles. That is the first thing from the beginning that has bothered me, it does not make sense.

    And I have heard the police chief being interviewed and being asked the question: “Was paddock working for the FBI?” His answer? “I can not confirm or deny that.” Really? (And if you watch the police chief during his press conferences with all of those stone faced FBI agents behind him he looks very, very nervous. he is extremely stressed, and I can understand that given the nature of the changing information dribbling out.)

    Paddock was a pilot, had loads of money, lived by the border, had no indicator that he was going to go off.

    Only questions exist and no answers. But one thing we can establish through evidence of past behavior is that the FBI (Or other entities) has run questionable operations that to the pedestrian American would be classified as “illegal” and criminal.

    This is just where my mind is going at the moment, this seems to be getting more complex instead of simpler.
    What does not make sense, does not make sense.

  • wayne

    Thank you, I did not know that factoid.
    Who actually runs LV? (besides well-organized crime)

    Ref: bump-stock. Now that I understand exactly what is going on, no way they in particular or in reality, modify the mechanical operation of the trigger or the receiver, above or beyond current law.
    I would consider this methodology, to be a style of shooting and an acquired-skill, which doesn’t require this particular accessory be used to accomplish, just a practical application of physics.
    I can pull the trigger pretty, but not that fast. It is nice to know that if I needed to, I could try to learn how. And nobody can confiscate that knowledge from me.

  • Cotour

    This is OUR FBI?

    Special agent Wright gets a taste of S.O.M. (?). Does the FBI really do such things? Evidence related to Fast And Furious and this agents testimony indicate that the FBI does some very questionable things, think James Comey and his actions in the Hillary email situation. The FBI seems to make “mistakes”, wink, wink, or they are able to massage things to someones desired effect.

    Lots of high level agents in the world with similar story’s.

  • wayne

    I have an AR, deer-rifle, shotgun, and handgun, and I’m not really into guns at all. I don’t think the number of weapons involved points to anything extra-ordinary, at least at this point. (I do want to know which were purchased legally and which were not, if any, and if any were modified.)
    -The stereotypical people who do this type of thing, are generally over-armed for the situation. Depending on his psychological state, it may or may not be relevant, it’s (very) interesting but it’s often a spurious factoid.
    That being said, I don’t know exactly how or when this guy died. I want to read the autopsy and the toxicology screen. I want his financial records pulled and a forensic accountant to see where his money came from, and read any psych records on the guy. And eventually I want a specific-enough accounting of the trajectory & impact of the fire. (It doesn’t have to be granular, but it has to be consistent.)
    (I’m not ready to go full on alex jones, but it’s hilarious he gets attacked for simply reporting what they say.)

  • wayne

    Cream – “Politician”
    (Royal Albert Hall 2005)

  • Cotour

    We are not even in Alex’s neighborhood, we are just discussing plain to see facts, as they are, both present and evidence presented by “renegade” FBI agents in the past. Whistle blowers become a big pain in the buttocks and in many instances the attempt to label them as “Crazy” or disgr

    There seems to be a multilevel need to know kind of operation going on in the FBI. The everyday dedicated agents and then the executors of high level “necessary ” agenda.

    Will we ever be recipients of the actual evidence in this case? Doubtful.

  • Cotour

    An interesting interpretation:

    Could be accurate, it could all just be about everyone attempting to cover their buttocks’s. But Paddocks motivation and activities that brought it all down still remains a big question.

  • Cotour

    And then we find out Special Agent Rouse, the FBI agent that stands stone faced behind the Las Vegas Sheriff is a special agent in counter intelligence (?). Why was an FBI specialist in counter intelligence overseeing things?

    Then the security guard that is a witness and a victim (and a legal liability to the hotel?) goes missing.

    Still no reasonable motive for Paddock’s acts.

    What would I like to see, among other things? Paddocks self recorded video as he committed his acts. He supposedly made a recording, I would like to see it to establish that he indeed was the one and only perpetrator in the room.

    Still many, many questions.

  • wayne

    We are definitely into Alex JonesZone! (I am the Resistance!)

    I’m not jumping down the rabbit hole just yet, but yeah…. (These people are lying through their artificially whitened teeth.)

    The hero guard goes missing? and no one knows anything? What’s that all about.
    One of the homes the shooter owned was broken into and ransacked last week.
    At a minimum they have the complete toxicology report back and they know exactly what drugs were in his body. It’s a big secret.
    If he was a Trump supporter, they wouldn’t shut up about it. Of that, I am positive.

    On to the next manufactured crisis-of-the-day, nothing to see here, “lone wolf,” yadda, yadda, yadda.
    We are about due for a Jet liner to go-missing, and for somebody to suddenly suicide by Arkancide.

  • Cotour


    Here Lionel, who is a former prosecutor asks questions, I ask questions, you ask questions, but where are the reasonable answers to them?

    “On to the next manufactured crisis-of-the-day, nothing to see here, “lone wolf,” yadda, yadda, yadda.
    We are about due for a Jet liner to go-missing, and for somebody to suddenly suicide by Arkancide.”

    What you and Lionel describe is pure S.O.M. in action, right in front of your / our faces. If you believe in “manufactured” crisis’s then you understand fully S.O.M., the two narratives, the two conversations.

    Why is the Sheriff only interested in “calming” the public and not interested in sharing actual facts about what happened?

    Is Las Vegas some sort of set up and is about the Second Amendment? Is Las Vegas about international terror? (Special agent Rouse is an intelligence specialist) Mexican cartel gun running? I do not know, I am just asking reasonable questions, but what I am fairly certain about is that something is not right about the act and the investigation.

    Lionel makes a good point and we have certainly made it here before, the mass of people armed with high technology and their ability to instantly communicate what they hear and see is a threat to the “official narrative”.

  • wayne

    This is a platinum mine for Alex, he doesn’t even have to make it up, just deliver their lies, in the way only he can.
    Unfamiliar with Lionel. (although I do check out Styxhexenhammer666 as noted in the coming-up-next column.)
    I’m not concerned the FBI is involved, they are well known liars & dissemblers. I was hoping the LVPD was competent, but apparently not. I mean, it is an entire city created by gangsters. Try to steal from the mob and you disappear, shoot up the crowd and everyone gets stupid and lies.
    And Mr. Sherriff is, more concerned with his phony “calming narrative,” than he is with the truth.

    Living Meme Explosion (“we love our somali’s…”)
    Alex trolls Bon Iver

  • wayne

    Yowza– what’s the deal with this phony-baloney “security guard?”

    He allegedly has two different social security numbers. (how quaintly Progressive.)

    I would be shocked, shocked I tell you (he typed sarcastically)….to discover 1/2 the union labor force in LV, and potentially this “hero,” are illegal aliens who need to be deported, yesterday.

    “…And the police chief is gonna say…. we love our somali’s, we love our muslim’s, oh they’re so good, oh they’re so sweet.”

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