Large numbers of minorities and Democrats attend Trump rallies

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According to statistics issued by the Trump campaign manager, significant numbers of Democratic voters, minorities, and non-voters have been attending Trump rallies.

In Dallas: “The data revealed that nearly 54,000 voters signed up for the event, with almost one in eight (12 percent) who didn’t vote in the last four elections and more than one in five (21.4 percent) who identified as Democrats. Eleven percent of the registrants were Hispanic.”

In New Mexico: “Of the 45,000 who registered, 94 percent were from within the state and 78 percent were matched to voter files. More than one in five voted in one or none of the past four elections, and 40 percent were Hispanic, the data showed. Nearly one in three were Democrats.”

In Minnesota: “More than 42,000 voters were identified in the data, of whom 13 percent voted in none or one of the past four elections. Also, 30 percent were Democrats.”

If these numbers reflect reality even vaguely, they strongly suggest two things. First, that large numbers of Democrats are abandoning that party. Second, that Trump is bringing in voters who had habitually not voted in the past. Both trends, if true, suggest disaster for the Democratic Party in 2020.



  • Lee S

    I would respectfully suggest that the news source for this post might be more than slightly biased in either direction.
    I understand that this blog has a right wing bias…. And that is fine, I know what I’m getting…. But “The Epoch Times” quoting Trump’s campaign manager about anything is, in my humble opinion, likely to be slightly biased, probably, at least slightly towards the right, and also probably towards the current government.
    I wouldn’t give those quoted numbers house room, and I suspect if it was a Bernie, Hillery, (or whoever you have on the left these days) comment, in a left wing news source, regarding a left wing event, you would give it even less room.
    I have never called you out for propagation of fake news Bob, but this has propaganda written all over it…
    If the numbers are verified elsewhere I will apologize…. But I smell more than a lite truth bending here.

  • Cotour

    And so how do you deal with such a reality?

    IMPEACH HIM! (A perverted political strategy and a perversion of the Constitution. Desperate measures for desperate times, and the Democrats are as desperate as it gets. By any means neccessary, this is political warfare od the first order)

    Its a strategy, although a transparent one, which may or may not transpire. I am not so certain that in the end the Democrat leadership can indeed deliver. But, they lose either way.

    The only other move the Democrats can possibly think to make here is to crash the economy in some manner. And that might not even be a death blow to Trump with the threat of the reality that a Democrat president would bring in 2020.

    But like I have pointed out long ago, if ANY of these Democrat candidates being offered is made president the market and the economy will crash at least 50 percent, and stay there for four years.

    And the only result would be the next election in 2024 and the next Republican / Conservative president. My choice as you know would be someone like Allen West.

    Trumps administration has been the ONLY administration in my memeory where 2 + 2 = 4. ALL other administrations have never made sense to me. And that I have to assume is because of the effects of the fear of the deep state and the military industrial complex. Something that trump has been willing to take head on.

    And on that he stands alone and I salute him for it.

    Way ahead of the curve here on BTB.

  • Cotour

    I just happened to write this this morning, and what do you know it included an Epoch Times video. The people of America are absorbing all of this and will comment on the situation very soon.




    Western intelligence I.E. the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies in other country’s very much controlled by the CIA and in league with the DNC and the Hillary machine clearly were out to get Trump and take him out of the presidency. And they continue their efforts still.

    This is a quick presentation by the Epoch Times that lays the activities of the CIA and other American intelligence agencies all out in a very understandable story line manner what it is that may be evading most in America watching all this play out. Its all a set up.

    Remember when Chuck Schumer said to the president: “The CIA can get you six ways till Sunday if you cross them”. He was very correct.

    So what Schumer was tell Trump was that it did not really matter what the people of America said about who they wanted to have as the president and lead the country, if you crossed the CIA you were done. And so now we understand who it is that has been running the world for the last 60 years or so, the CIA and not any politician.

    Attorney General Barr and Prosecutor Durham’s trip to Italy is not a good sign for the deep state if they indeed are committed to taking their investigation to its unmolested conclusion. Trump, Barr and Durham are the men that will save our country and our Constitution from the subversive activities of the out of control deep state players who have crafted a culture of fear and abuse of power in Washington DC and around the world. These are players that play by the rules of Strategy Over Morality (S.O.M.) and in doing so they have now been found out and are being revealed because they have just gone too far.

    Do you honestly crave the status quo of the past 60 years in politics? Have you ever asked why what you thought should happen in politics never seems to make logical sense? Now you understand why.

    Who are some of the players that seek to subvert your country and who you choose for president? John Brennan, head of the CIA for Obama, Clapper, same, Comey, same, McCabe, same, the list is long and convoluted and must be dealt with in a very strong manner. We wait.

  • Brad Czerniak

    And, at least in 2016, there were many attempts among progressives to sign up for Trump rallies and then not attend, in order to prank/flummox the venues and registration numbers. If the data were from exit polls of the rally it would be a more convincing figure than pure registration numbers.

  • Lee S

    Contour….. I only said I doubt the validity of a comment made by your current governments spokesperson, regarding an event hosted by your current president.
    Especially as truth seems to be pretty fluid these days…. Everywhere, not just over there.
    I have neither the time or inclination to watch YouTube videos.. they are not my news source of choice.
    I was making no comment other than I find the source and the commenter to be suspect regarding impartiality.
    Feel free to bury yourself in as menu conspiracy theories as you like… I have plenty of European ones to deal with!

  • Cotour

    Trump will garner the most black, hispanic / minority votes ever in American history if things continue as they are.

    You do not need a poll to figure that out There is only one poll that counts in the end, everything else is just a game.

    Trump, as is the Trumpian way, is on track to possibly be impeached, and then go on to win the next election. And you keep your eyes on the likes of people the handsome rat, Romney, to put the knife in Trumps back. And then he will win anyway.

  • Cotour

    Lee S: Take 11 minutes and watch the Epoch Times video, it lays out so anyone can understand the sequence of the deep state operations against Trump beginning with Mifsud and Popadopolous. What went on is complex by design. Do you reject actual evidence in arriving at your conclusions related to how the world acutally works?

    (Mifsud is a Western intelligence asset I.E. CIA operative from what the evidence indicates and Muellers refusal to include him in his $30 million dollar 2 year investigation. That means that the CIA / Brennan probably is behind the entire operation to get Trump. That is a big no no. (Especially if you get caught)

    Smell funny? That is because its all rotten.)

  • Lee S: There are two words in my post that I think you are ignoring: “if true.” I recognize the biased nature of the source. However, based on other information over time, I think there is reason to pay attention to this data, while also recognizing its political bias.

  • mike shupp

    I dunno …. I can imagine curiosity as enough to get Democrats and non-whites into a Trump rally — He’s there, you’ve heard of him, it’s kind of a big deal, it might be entertaining, If there’s no charge for admission, why not?

    Other hand, past accounts of Trump rallies I’ve read of have stressed how much the vast majority of attendees are already true blue Trump supporters, who voted for him in 2016 and strongly intended to do so in 2020. So, if this account is for real, it would seem the composition of rally attendees has changed. That might be interesting — it might even mean Trump rally attendees are LESS supportive of him than in the past.

    Time will show.

  • Cotour

    mike shupp

    That does not make sense to me.

    If you are at a Trump rally you are there for a reason and you are an enthusiastic participant. Be you black, white Hispanic or what ever.

  • Diane Wilson

    Stealing a line from someone, somewhere, “Desperation is not an aphrodisiac.” In all my life I’ve never seen or imagined such desperation as the Democrats are showing this election cycle. There’s a whole “WalkAway” movement, complete with web site and hashtag, for Democrats who are fed up with their own party.

  • Edward

    Lee S wrote: “‘The Epoch Times’ quoting Trump’s campaign manager about anything is, in my humble opinion, likely to be slightly biased, probably, at least slightly towards the right, and also probably towards the current government.

    I was making no comment other than I find the source and the commenter to be suspect regarding impartiality.

    It is hilarious how leftists dislike anything stated from the right. How can anyone expect fair and balanced reporting if they reject or refuse all statements that don’t come from the left? Of course, leftists expect and demand no such thing.

    Here in America, leftists decried Fox News because they had the audacity to interview people who were not leftists. ‘Clearly,’ the leftists said, ‘with such non-left input Fox could not be fair and balanced, as Fox advertised itself to be.’ American leftists believe that only leftist views can possibly be fair or balanced, and any other viewpoint must be suspected and, preferably, rejected and silenced.

    Apparently, leftists the world over are developing a similar attitude.

  • wayne

    “Dr. Trump: Official Music Video”
    LWC May 2019

  • pzatchok

    I look at it this way.

    If the numbers are only half correct, if only half the stated number of Blacks and Hispanics vote republican, Democrats are dead in the water.

    I see no reason why minorities would vote republican last time and not vote republican now.

    These new numbers are new voters to the party.

  • Lee S

    @ Bob….
    “There are two words in my post that I think you are ignoring: “if true.” I recognize the biased nature of the source.”
    Quite correct, and I apologize…. When I have my kids with me I am guilty of skim-reading as my free time is limited, especially with trying to keep up with the farce that is Brexit… ( As an ex-pat it all has deep implications for me and my family. )
    I remain skeptical of the news item, but see that you do too…. (If not to the same extent.. ;-) ).. sorry!

  • wodun

    The numbers reported by the Trump campaign are not poll numbers, they are demographics of attendees. If they are wrong, it is likely due to methodology rather than bias. How do they benefit from dishonesty on this matter?

    This is just another example of the unprecedented transparency of the Trump administration. You can go back to the election and see similar statements about rallies. The Trump campaign was very upfront about how they gathered voter data and while they were made fun of at the time, it turned out to be very accurate at the polls.

    Now, if this was about the Trump campaign trumpeting poll numbers or some such, it wouldn’t be something to be taken seriously.

    I encourage Trump’s detractors to continue with the feverish conspiracy theories, dismissive elitist attitude, attacks on his supporters, and overconfidence.

  • Max

    President Trump was wrong…

    He said that we would win so much that we would get sick of winning. I don’t know anybody who is sick of it yet!

    The Democrats are definitely sick of losing and they’re getting desperate. Everything they try fails, every line in the sand that they create, Trump moves through it as if it wasn’t there with no repercussions.
    They are playing the “politic game” in which Trump has changed the rules. They have resorted to accusations and name-calling, saying he’s a liar even when he uses their own words. They don’t know what to do but they know they have to do something, even if it’s the wrong thing. They can’t allow his momentum to continue or all the fortunes they worked for will be lost.
    United we stand, the Democrats must drive a wedge between the Trump supporters to divide and conquer. This may take a false flag event like the one in this article;

    The author documents many of the times the FBI and others have created the circumstances for a desired outcome that is neither ethical, moral or lawful. The ends justify the means when it’s a game where the winner, and their minions, takes ALL.

    “Trump must be defeated at all costs!”
    War has been declared, the knives, nails and teeth are coming out.

  • Edward

    You don’t know anyone who is getting sick of winning, yet, because Trump is not winning nearly as much as he thought he would. He thought he would have a Republican legislature on his side and didn’t count on having so many treasonous staff in the White House and in the agencies. Imagine his surprise to discover that the intelligence community was acting against him. Is this not the definition of treason?
    1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
    2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    The Democrats are sick of losing because they are always sick of losing; they are sore losers and always have been. It is why they created the KKK and is one of the reasons that they accepted Ted Kennedy after he allowed a girl to slowly suffocate in an air pocket after he drove her into the cold water; he was too busy saving his butt to be bothered to call for her rescue, and saving Democrat butt is far more important than an innocent girl’s life. Avoiding losing is far more important, to Democrats, than lives.

    These are the morals that we are up against.

  • Max

    Nice points, and yet no one has been charged with treason… Apparently there is so many people guilty that if one starts pointing the finger, our government would get an entire overhaul.
    People making false allegations expecting whistleblower protection for bearing false witness, getting away with it because they are supported by people who hate the accused i.e. witchhunt. (Obama prosecuted four or five whistle blowers during his ministration) People running for the presidency who sworn in oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and then with their next breath discuss ways of altering it or out right destroying aspects of the constitution. Like the guy in the presidential debates to talk about outlawing AK-47s and that Americans are “law abiding” and would all turn in their guns… Or else.
    The second amendment is clear, “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” anyone who suggest otherwise is treasonous, breaking the law. And we Americans are law abiding!

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