Largest sunspot in a quarter century spews flares

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The largest sunspot seen in about a quarter century produced another powerful X-class flare today, the sixth in less than a week.

This was the sixth X-class solar flare from NOAA 2192, a record for the number of X-class flares generated by a single group so far this solar cycle. It was also the fourth X-class flare since last Friday, continuing a period of intense flaring activity. This sunspot group has grown again a bit, and maintains its magnetic complexity. A degradation of the HF radio-communication was observed over South-America, the Caribbean, and West-Africa.

The last sentence is referring to some radio communications blackouts that have occurred in these areas because of the flares. For more information about the sunspot itself, go here.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, as predicted by many doomsday fear-mongers in the science community, our technological civilization was destroyed by these flares and we are now all dead.


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  • jwing

    While driving US interstate 80 west homeward from New York to South Dakota last week, we saw the Aurora Borialis at 3:00 am to our south. It looked like large white sheets draping and shimmering. There were four distinct sheets. I woke everyone up and pulled over to view them. It was the first time I’d seen this spectacular site and I’m sure it was due to these large CME given off from the increased sunspot activity.

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