Largest Texas meteorite ever found by accident on dude ranch

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The largest Texas meteorite ever, weighing 760 pounds, has been found on a Texas dude ranch.

The owner found it entirely by accident. It apparently had been there for a long time, but no one had noticed it, mostly because of its weathered appearance that made it appear much like any other boulder. Tests proved beyond doubt, however, that it was a meteorite, an L4 chrondite. It has now been sold to a meteorite collection at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth.



  • Dale Martin

    When I was kid in Ft Worth in the 1950’s, I found 3 fragments of a Nickel Iron meteorite, all in an open filed near our house…They were given to the Children’s Museum in Ft Worth. I had a really big magnet and rope….Apparently there were a lot of these in Texas for some reason, others have turned up since I left in 1957. At the time, the curators thought there was a large field of fragments from some unknown ancient event that washed down around the area. I do not know, it is a mystery to me..

  • eddie willers

    Wonder what made the horses spook?

  • wodun

    The horse probably saw a snake or something and the less observant human thought it was looking at the rock.

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