Laser tag replaces air pistol in 2012 Olympic games

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The summer Olympics has decided to replace the use of air pistols in the 2012 Olympics with laser guns. Air pistols shoot actual pellets, and using lasers instead will, according to the powers that be, “reduce the cost of shooting by two thirds in the sport and the improved safety of the event could mean new venues are used.” Of course, no one can cite any actual accidents from the use of air pistols, so this decision is essentially political correctness gone wild.

Update: Several shooting friends have emailed me to note that this change only applies to the Pentathlon, not to the air pistol events. Mea culpa.



  • Just wait for the saftey issued raised from retina damage from errant laser shots!

    Incidentally, I enjoy your segments on John Batchellor’s show.

  • John H

    The last time I purchased pellets for my air gun it nearly wiped out my bank account!

    You need a clip from A Christmas Story where Ralphie is told “You’re going to shoot your eye out!” as your next evening pause.

  • Mr. I

    And, let’s not forget that using rechargable laser guns will be “green”. (As long as you don’t consider the environmental costs of providing the power to recharge the batteries …)

  • Chris L.

    So exactly what part of the shooting event will actually involve ballistics?

  • Elizabeth

    Should use phasers instead.

  • LINO---Lloyd in name only

    I was driving to work today.
    I passed three gentlemen—only yards apart from each other–each clutching a cardboard sign describing their plight. They were all dressed in the attire of their trade: a ratty outfit, torn and notably unwashed. The solution to their woes?
    Any coin or currency I could spare. Of course, each sign offered the blessing of G-d.

    Instead, I thought they should be voting. They should raise their voices to the East and shout out to Obama that they should not be oppressed by his taxes that they do not pay.
    Our constitution does not exclude their voices or reduce the pitch of their respective cardboard.

    Yes, they were within their natural rights to make this tacit request.
    My question was: what reasonable franchisee would pursue such a business opportunity in such a careless manner?
    Where were the demographic studies pursuant to such an enterprise? Poorly thought out, to be sure.

    I suspect these people would make wonderful lobbyists. I propose that Lobbyists be confined to the “cardboard sign” approach to fundraising. They should be made to hand-letter these signs to prove their sincerity.
    Our great country would be a better place.
    The purveyors of cardboard understand what drives people and the people who drive.
    Allow them to be the voice of the banks that are leading us to our fate.

    May the hand-lettered Cardboard Signs become the deposit slips of our Great Society!

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