Leftist protester who set fires sentenced to five years prison

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Good news: A leftist protester who set fires during riots in Portland on May 1st, including throwing flares into stores and into a police car, has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Unfortunately, the video at the link shows a lot of other leftist protesters doing the same, and getting away with it.


One comment

  • wayne

    This guy has literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Homeless, young, drifter with substance misuse and an apparent mental-health history. Now he gets 3 squares & a cot, and full medical. He could very well qualify for SSDI (disability) after he’s released. Then he would get $1,200/month, forever, for the bi-polar.

    >>I’m not defending this guy, he belongs in prison.

    It is interesting however, Portland targets the homeless guy and makes an example out of him, rather than some Hipster anarchist.

    –It said in the article, he was to-be-sentenced, in October, so this isn’t a 100% done deal.

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